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Kona Ice Truck - Fundraiser

Posted by WL – Westwood Farms at Jun 7, 2021 6:25AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The Kona Ice truck will be at the Westwood Farms Pool
Tuesdays, June 1st – August 10th, 12:00-1:00 pm
Barracuda Swim Team Fundraiser

Dates/Times subject to change

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Swim Meet Sign Up!

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Swim Meet Sign Up!

For each swim meet, we will be sending out a Google Form to be completed for each one of your swimmers.  This will indicate your swimmer’s attendance at the meet.  This needs to be completed whether your swimmer(s) will be attending or not.   This is a critical step to allow our coaches to set up meet lineups and to make sure our swimmers are set up for success.  Please take the time to complete these forms for each of your swimmers.  

  • Forms will be sent on Saturday for Tuesday meets
  • Forms will be sent on Monday for Thursday’s meets

Thank you for your attention on this.
We are still looking for volunteers to help run the meet on Tuesday.  

Swimmer of the Week!

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Congratulations to our swimmers of the week for setting an excellent example, working hard, and supporting their teammates. When you see these swimmers give them a high-five, fist, or elbow bump, and congratulations!

Week 5:
Cameron Luca
Gideon Bissell
Jane Woloszynek
Suraj Pinney

Week 4:
Alexa Kaczor
Josh Yankello
Kyla Kaczor
Mason Busser

Week 3:
Aleksandar Heipp
Colin Biller
Kaylee Corsi
Lucia Carbone

Week 2:
Brooklyn Hullibarger
Dominic Carbone
Luke Trzebuckowski
Melina Haber

Week 1:
Austin Bringman
Autumn Aukerman
Caanan Aukerman
Parker Zwick

Volunteer Sign Up!

Posted by WL – Westwood Farms at Jun 2, 2021 5:09AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hi Barracuda Families,

The swim team runs on volunteers, and we ask that families volunteer for a certain number of meets each year. With all of the craziness this year, we have fewer volunteer positions to fill than in years past. So, we are asking families to sign up for 1 volunteer position this season.

Your position will require you to “work” the entire meet, so if you have a little one, it’s best to volunteer at a meet where another parent or grandparent can be there for the swimmer while you are volunteering.

If you are no longer able to fulfill the job you signed up for it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Here is a brief description of the jobs:
Timer – stands behind the blocks and times the swimmers, then writes times on lane sheets (requires a bit of concentration and standing behind the blocks the entire meet)
Backup Timer – this is a backup timer for the lane timers above (requires a bit of concentration and standing behind or next to the blocks the entire meet)
Runner – picks up timing sheets from the lane timers and delivers them to the scorer
Heat Winner – finds the winner of each heat and gives them a ribbon
Clerk of Course – lines up swimmers for upcoming events, and walks them to their designated lanes (requires organizational skills, good communication skills with children under the age of 10, and patience)
Scoring – reading times from the lane sheets to a person who enters the scores (requires a bit of concentration and sitting at a table, people are afraid of this job, but it’s pretty easy at away meets). We need volunteers to step up to learn this!
Announcer – announces the events of the meet (requires a bit of concentration, a calm voice, a little training on what to say and when, we would help with this).
Photographer – Take pictures throughout the meet (doesn’t need to be with a fancy camera). These photos will be uploaded and shared.

Here is the link for the form:

Thank you without your help the meets would not be possible.

Welcome to the 2021 West Ledge Barracudas Swim Season!

I hope this message finds you all well and enjoying the beautiful weather! Tomorrow begins our 2021 season!

We will continue to use the team web page for information and most communications will be posted for reference.

Items to know

1. Meet our Coaches slide show 2021 Coaches Bio

2. Practice:

Swimmers should bring a towel, water bottle, and goggles.
8:45-9:45 am— 9 and up
9:45-10:30 am— 8 and under

We have added an additional meet up (unofficial practice) ONLY ONLY ONLY for swimmers who are still in school or are attending the SCS summer school options for June 2, 3, 4, and 7. Starting June 8, this will no longer be an option

Wednesday, June 2- Friday, June 4, and Monday, June 7— 5:45-6:45 pm- as long as the pool is open.

Practice will be a go regardless of outside temp unless we have inclement weather. If this is the case and practice needs to be canceled due to weather, I will post it on the team page by 8:30 a.m. and both practices will be canceled unless otherwise stated.

3. Meet Volunteers:

Sign Ups for Meet Jobs will be posted on Wednesday at 8 am. We are asking that each family sign up for 1 job. Please make sure you sign up for the correct meet. For example, if your swimmer is 12, do not sign up for a job for the 10 and under meet.

Please let me know if you have any questions.