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Posted by David Fay at May 30, 1995 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Mustang: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yankees 8 vs Dodgers 13
The Dodgers bats came alive in the do-or-die portion of the bracket. Brody Spisak held the Yankees to just 1 run in the 1st and 2nd innings with 6 K's, while the Dodgers were able to put up 3. The Yanks pulled ahead by a run in the top of the 3rd, but the Dodgers' offense 5-runned them in the bottom, and then again in the 4th. Charley Fitzpatrick came in to strike out the side in both the 5th and 6th to preserve the the victory and eliminate the Yankees from the tournament.

Red Sox 6 vs Cubs 6
The Red Sox took an early (but small) lead against the Cubs in this pitchers' dual with Bryson Dansberry shutting down the Cubs' bats in the 1st two innings. The Cubs answered in the 3rd and 4th and the game remained tied through the 5th at 4-4. The Red Sox eeked out another 3 runs in the 6th and held the Cubs to 2, remaining alive in the bottom of the bracket with a 7-6 victory.
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Mustang: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Cardinals 11 vs Dodgers 14
Having been upset in the first round of the tournament by the #7 seeded Orioles, the #2 seeded Dodgers have battled constantly fighting for their life and winning. Coach Fultz and the Cardinals were looking to put an end to the Dodgers' winning ways on Tuesday night, but fell short. The Dodgers took an early lead and by the 3rd inning they were ahead by 6 runs. The Cardinal were able to hold the Dodgers to 1 additional run over the 4th and 5th, while putting up 4 more to close the gap to 3 runs, but Dodgers' closer Charley Fitzpatrick shut down the side in the 6th securing 1 more win through their trek across the bottom of the bracket.

Orioles 9 vs Red Sox 10 In a classic battle that will not be soon forgotten, the Red Sox eeked-out another 1 run win against the Orioles. These two teams volleyed back and forth with the Orioles ahead in the 1st and 2nd, the Red Sox ahead by 3 in the 3rd, and the Orioles again ahead only by 1 in the 4th. Bryson Dansberry tied the game in the bottom of the 5th with another home run over the right field fence. With Caleb Pittman dealing on the mound, the Orioles were unable to score in the top of the 6th and watched their season come to an end in the bottom of the inning as the Red Sox scored the 1 run needed to win the game.
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Pinto: Tuesday, May 31, 2012

Yankees 12 vs Dodgers 13
In another nail-biter the Yankees and Dodgers fought each other hard on the Pinto diamond with the lead teetering between these two hitting behemoths. The Yankees put up 5 runs to the Dodgers' 2 in the 1st and 2nd innings. The Dodgers tied the game in the 3rd with a 4 run rally. The Yankees shut down the Dodgers in the top of the 4th. The Dodgers shut down the Yankees in the bottom. The Yankees 5 runned the Dodgers in the top of the 5th. The Dodgers 5 runned the Yankees in the bottom. With the game tied in the 6th inning the Yankees were only able to increase their score by 1. The Dodgers tied them in the bottom of the 6th and then brought one more across the plate to send the Yankees home for the season.

Commentary: Rumors around the league have it that Coach Gardner may be considering retirement. If this does turn out to come true, and we hope it doesn't, the WBAC will be losing one of its finest managers. But we're sure he will be involved enough with whatever team Justin lands on in the future to at least help in developing another talented group of players as he moves on to Mustang.

Rangers 13 vs Cubs 12
Welcome to the Nic Poole show! The Cubs were unable to score more than 6 runs in the 1st 5 innings. Anything hit between 2nd and 3rd or to shallow left field was gobbled up and turned into an out by the Rangers' star short stop Nic Poole (with a lot of support from Christian Townsend at 3rd and Hayden Bolling at 2nd). At the bottom of the 6th the Rangers had a very comfortable 7 run lead over the Cubs at the bottom of their line-up. The Cubs opened up with a triple from Noah Phillips who was able to score, but with only 1 run in, the Cubs found themselves with two outs. And then the hitting frenzy began. Another triple and another run helped close the gap a little more. With the next 2 batters, the Cubs found themselves with the bases loaded and the tying run at the plate. Luke Cavey smashed one to the fence for a base-clearing double, bringing the Cubs within one run of extending the game. Unfortunately, the Cubs luck ran out there. With Luke stranded on 2nd the Rangers infield was able secure their victory and advance as 1 of 4 teams left in the tournament at the end of the day.

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Pinto: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Yankees 20 vs Cardinals 16
Coach Gardner and the WBAC Pinto Yankeess proved on Wednesday night that the Vegas odd makers don't know squat. Picked by many to make their way to the Tournament's final round, the Cardinals were unable to climb out of the bottom rung of the bracket. The Cards offense took an early lead in the 1st and 2nd inning, but the Yankees went out front in the 3rd and ended the Cardinals' season in 6 exciting innings of baseball. Coach Howlett will be losing several Pinto stars to Mustang, but with the 7 year old talent he has returning and his solid pitching, the Cardinals will definitely be a team to contend with in the 2013 season.
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Mustang: Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cardinals 0 vs Rangers 12
8 Innings Played. 26 Runs For. 4 Runs Against. 2 Wins. What more do you really need to know about the Rangers? In the early game on Thursday night Kyle Carlson threw for 3 perfect innings and Mason Rhodes closed to shut out the Cardinals in a 12 to nothing win. The Rangers move on to face the winner of the A's and O's matchup later in the evening.

Orioles 11 vs A's 12
The A's jumped out to an early 2 run lead in the 1st inning which the O's matched in the 2nd. In the 3rd and 4th the A's put up 7 unanswered runs bringing the score to 3 to 10 in favor of the A's, but Coach Lowden and his boys aren't known for rolling over. The Orioles bats put up 4 runs in the 5th, closing the deficit to 3, and then put up another 4 in the top of the 6th to take a 1 run lead at 11 to 10. The game ended after the A's crossed the plate twice, sending the Orioles down to the loser bracket with a 1 run victory.