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Tournament Info

Friday, June 13, 2014 trhough Monday, June 15, 2014

Edwin W. Chittum Elementary School in Western Branch
2008 Dock Landing Rd 
Chesapeake, VA  23321
Tournament Pass for Friday through Monday
Adults: $10
Kids (5-10): $8
Under 5: Free

One Day Pass 
Adults: $4
Kids (5-10): $3
Under 5: Free 

Schedule & Results

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Local Rules 

  • 5 Pitches unlimited fouls three swinging strikes
  • 5 runs per inning limit
  • 6 inning; no run limit
  • In case of tie game, play California Tie Break Rules (last recorded out from previous inning starts on 2nd base). Play extra innings until tie is broken
  • 3 outfielders ("warmup" is prep. for regionals)
  • 9 defensive players
  • Bat roster with free substitution. The batting lineup must be declared at the start of the game.
  • 15 run slaughter flip rule applied in 6th inning
  • No 10 run slaughter rule
  • Lineups are due to official scorekeeper 15-minutes prior to game time
  • Team lineup must include 1st name, last name, and jersey number.
  • No Coach Pitch Bats (Pony Rule)
  • No bats larger than 2 5/8" in diameter (Pony Rule)
  • Heart Guards are required for player pitcher
  • Face Guards are AVAILABLE for Pitches Position (optional equipment)
  • Player Pitcher position: Read Pony Rule
  • Ball is live on over throws.
  • Pony blue book applied for all other rules of play
  • Substitute runner for catcher at coach's discretion. Must be last recorded out.
  • 1-1/2 hour time limit. This means no new inning after 1-1/2 hrs. {Note: the rules of that inning apply, regardless. This means that only the 6th inning has unlimited runs, regardless of game ending in earlier inning due to time}.
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What is a WB Elite team?

WB Elite is program that has been incorporated by PONY leagues from other areas and we are trying to start in area. Basically it will be the best team that we can form for a given baseball age (i.e. 13U). The team will form from kids that are active in the WBAC league and will compete against other PONY elite teams in our area help make the entire Hampton Roads PONY area stronger. It will also provide an outlet for those teams/kids that would otherwise pull out of their PONY league to compete on their own. The Team Manager will be selected by WBAC-BC. Players will be determined by either a try-out or as determined by WBAC determined assessment. The Fall 2012 Elite teams forming are a pilot program that we plan to formally adopt into WBAC for Spring of 2013.

What is a WB Select Team?

WB Select is a Fall program where players are 'selected' to be on a team. These teams consist of players/coaches active in the WBAC Rec Spring program. These teams register with WBAC and are scheduled field time when available outside of the 'Rec' program. The intent is to provide those kids with desire attitude and ability the chance to play on a competitive team for the Fall season. And it provides a means for those teams to still be associated with WBAC and PONY baseball rather than leaving the league to form their own competitive teams. The number of teams per age group allowed will be determined by resources available to support the teams and not to the detriment of the WBAC Fall 'Rec' program. WBAC Select is a pilot program for Fall 2012 and if successful will be implemented formally for Fall 2013.

No currrent news. Check back later.

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Get Your WB ON!

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WBAC Colt Baseball

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Colt Sign-up Information
  • Sign-ups will be in late Spring/Early Summer
  • Ages 15 and 16 are eligible (must not turn 17 before May 1, 2012).
  • A 12 game schedule will begin approximately June 1st (several doubleheaders).
  • There will also be a “Play Up” option for 14 yr olds looking for more experience on a 60/90 field
  • A Section-wide tournament will be played in early July. Team coached by veteran coach Pat Smith.
  • Please, email your interest to Ken Wren at
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is WBAC?

Western Branch Athletic Club is affiliated with PONY Baseball, has been in existence since 1958 and caters to children ages 3+*.
*Child’s age is determined by age PRIOR to May 1st, so if your child will be 4 years old by the 1st of May he or she is eligible to play Shetland 4/5.

What is the difference between PONY Baseball and Little League Baseball?

The main differences are that PONY believes in a tighter age specific grouping with field sizes increasing every two years (outside of T-Ball/Shetland) and real baseball (leading off, stealing bases etc.) is played beginning at age 9. Current Little League rules do not allow leading off or stealing bases; Little League groups together 9-12 year olds and the 9 year olds play on the same size fields as 12 year olds.

Where do you play?

There are two main complexes for play. Ages 4-10 play games on 3 fields behind E.W. Chittum Elementary School off of Dock Landing Road. Ages 11+ play at our Bronco Complex which is located on Maverick Drive off of Tyre Neck Road between Bruce Road and Route 17 (Western Branch Boulevard). Maps and directions are located under the “Locations” tab as well as additional practice facilities for each league.

How do I sign up and how much does it cost to play?

You may sign up either in-person during registration dates listed on the home page (fees are listed on the downloadable registration form under the handout tab) or for your convenience, online via the link on the homepage. Please bring a birth certificate for review when registering a child for the first time at WBAC.
*Ages 3+ can play and are separated by the following age brackets. Child’s age is determined by age PRIOR to May 1st. The PONY age brackets are listed on the PONY Baseball website.
Divisions: Shetland 4/5 - T-Ball played with safety ball.
Shetland 6 - Modified T-Ball/Coach-Pitch with safety ball.
Pinto (7-8) - Coach-Pitch with baseball on larger diamond.
Mustang (9-10) - Kid-Pitch Baseball on larger diamond with leading off and base stealing. Real baseball.
Bronco (11-12) - Baseball played on larger diamond appropriate for the age grouping.
Pony (13-14) - Baseball played on larger diamond appropriate for the age grouping.
Colt (15-16)
Palomino (17-18)

When do you play?

There are two seasons for play. Spring and Fall. Spring typically begins with practices late February and games starting late March and running through late May or early June. Fall typically begins with practices in late August/early September and games played into mid/late October.

What do I need to play?

The player is responsible for his/her own light grey baseball pants. The league does have a small supply of pants that can be used for those that may not want to purchase their own.
You will need a glove and a bat. When purchasing a new glove, take into consideration flexibility. Some new gloves are nice but aren't usually nice to youngsters learning to play until they are broken in. There are new gloves available that are flexible enough to use off of the shelf but beware of new mitts that are hard as rock because they are difficult to open and close and the ball will bounce out easily. Stores such as Play it Again Sports and Grand Slam in Virginia Beach usually have "previously owned" higher end gloves that are a bargain and if well taken care of may last a long time.
Bats may be no larger than 2 5/8" and Coach Pitch/"CP" bats may only be used in Shetland. A good sporting goods store can help you decide which is best for your child. A good rule of thumb for bat buying... if your child can hold it out straight in front of themselves with their lead arm for 30 seconds without wobbling they will be able to swing it properly. Otherwise, it is probably too heavy.
Molded/Rubber cleats are recommended though not mandatory. No Metal Spikes until Pony (13/14). It is also highly recommended that you provide water/sports-drink for each practice and game.

Player Evaluations

For Spring seasons only, Ages 9+ who are not already assigned to a team based upon previous year's team OR moving up to a new division must participate in the Player Evaluations. This is not a try-out but an assessment day for coaches.

Getting Started

Shetland players may request to play for a specific Coach or to be paired with a friend. We do our best to honor those requests.
Player drafts for 7+. You will receive a call from your Manager to let you know what team your child is on.
Practices will start soon thereafter.
Opening Day for Fall 2013 is Saturday, March 30th for Shetland, Pinto, and Mustang. There will be an opening game on Friday, March 29th at the Bronco Complex following Opening Ceremonies. All other opening games for Bronco will be on March 30th.
Unless you hear differently (from your team), we are playing. It may be hailing on Bruce Road but dry at Chittum and vice versa.
If you are going to miss a practice or game, it is imperative that you notify your Manager as soon as possible.

What about the Colt Division?

Colt generally starts later than all of the other divisions. The season runs from mid to late May through June. There are a number of teams across the Hampton Roads area and we play vs. other organizations. You should start hearing something around May.

What else do I need to know?

If you are already on Facebook, we are there too. For the most up to date information directly into your newsfeed be sure to subscribe.
As a 100% volunteer organization the league depends on your participation. When you sign up your child you agree to participate in concession stand operations (1-2x per season), field duties (raking/refuse removal etc.) and a fundraiser to defray registration costs.
For Shetland (4,5 and 6) it takes 4 adults to run a game per team and we ask for your help. Please fill out a Coach's Application which is under the handout tab and turn in to baseball committee or board member for consideration.
Questions that are not answered here may be answered at in-person registration or you may contact us via email admin@gowbac