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Tournament Recap: June 9th

And then there were 3

The #3-seeded Phillies came to the Bronco diamond to prove everyone wrong, and that's what they did when the sent the favored, #1-seeded Marlins down to the losers bracket.

The game was tied in the 6th inning, when the Phillies were able to capitalize on a couple of defensive mistakes, adding three more runs to the score board. The final score: Phillies 14, Marlins 11.

Following the game, one Phillies fan complained (with a grin) that he had absolutely no fingernails left.

The Cubs and Cardinals went head to head in a slugfest that had the little kids in the stands chasing balls on the other side of the outfield fence all night long. The two teams combined for a for a total of 5 home runs. Even though the Cardinals had three of them, they were unable to overcome the #2-seeded Cubs.

Down by a handful of runs, the Cardinals made the game exciting in the final innings with an offensive rally that gave their fans hope. Unfortunately for the Cards, Cubs slugger Colby Phillips deflated their hopes when he smashed one over the outfield, adding to his growing collection of home run balls. The final score: Cubs 16, Cardinals 8.

Following their season-ending game, Cardinals Manager Steve Smithwick commented on how proud he was of his players. "We were down and out early in the game, and we battled back. The boys never gave up. I couldn't have asked them to fight any harder there at the end."

The Marlins face the Cubs tonight at 5:30. The winner of that game will face the Phillies for the finals at 7:30.

Bronco Tournament Update: June 8th

And then there were 4

Only the 4 top seeds remain in the End of Season Bronco Tournament. Before the end of the day, there will only be 3. Tonight at 5:30 the #1-seeded Marlins match up against the #3-seeded Phillies. At 7:30 the #2-seeded Cubs face off against the #4-seeded Cardinals, where the winner will move on to fight for a spot in the finals, and the loser will move on to the links to start their golf season.

According to a fan watching the action last night, "We've all got our eyes on the Marlins. All three of us other teams would love to get some revenge on them."

Tournament Recap: June 4th

Congratulations to the Spring 2011 WBAC Mustang Champion Red Sox!!!

The #4-seeded Red Sox clinched the title with a victory over the #1-seeded Orioles.

The Red Sox jumped out to an early 4-nothing lead, but the Orioles battled back in the late innings to provide a nail-biting fight that fans will remember for a long time to come. A couple of controversial calls from the umps added to the drama with Tim Cassidy leaving the dug-out to plead his case. On what would have been a triple in top of the 4th, the Orioles made a play at first when the runner missed the bag. In the bottom of the 5th, a balk call brought in the runner on third for the Orioles which closed the gap to 1 run.

The Orioles' demise was sealed with a lights out inning from the Red Sox pitching in the 6th. The final score: Red Sox 4, Orioles 3.

WBAC Thanks You

The Western Branch Athletic Club would like to thank all the fans that made their way out to the Chittum diamonds to support our top-notch group of baseball players for the Shetland, Pinto, and Mustang Divisions.

Stay tuned for more news about our Bronco and Pony players, as well as the upcoming Jim Green Tournament where our Pinto All-Stars will represent WBAC.

Tournament Recap: June 3rd

Congratulations to the Spring 2011 WBAC Pinto Champion Dodgers!!!

The #6-seeded Yankees, who lost their 2nd round game against the Red Sox, fought hard to work their way back up through the losers bracket to the Championship Game against the Dodgers. 

The Dodgers jumped out to an early lead which they rode all the way to the 5th inning.  The Yankees pounded the ball in the 5th, scoring 5 runs and another in the 6th in their quest to comeback and stage an upset against the #2-seeded Dodgers, but they ran out of juice. 

According to Dodgers Manager Matt Hemmis, "The early lead really helped us out.  They had us a little worried there in the middle innings, but we were able to hold them off in the end."   The Dodgers took the title with an 14-11 win and are crowned the Champions of the WBAC Pinto Division for 2011.  Congratulation!


The Dodgers affiliate up in the Mustang Division didn't fare as well as their Pinto brethren. The Orioles knocked-off the Dodgers securing their place in the Championship Round of the tournament in an 8 to 1 win.  With graciousness and class, Dodger's Mananger Seamus Fitzpatrick stated that "the two best teams are facing each other to take the title."  The Orioles will face the #4-seeded Red Sox at noon on Saturday.

Tournament Recap: June 2nd

Pinto: Yankees vs. Orioles

It got louder and louder, and by the 3rd inning you could hear the Chittum Pinto fans cheering all the way in Norfolk. The Orioles and Yankees put on quite a show, a battle that had the fans reeling in the stands. The O's took an early lead, up by 4 runs in the 2nd inning, but the Yankees showed everyone exactly how they got to this point in the tournament - big bats and solid fielding. By the 4th inning the Yankees cut the gap to 1 and in the 5th and 6th they silenced the Orioles by outscoring them by 3 runs. The final score: Orioles 16, Yankees 18.

The Yankees move on to the finals against the Dodgers.

The Orioles took to the field following the game for a heart-warming ceremony. Even though they were accepting the award for finishing 3rd, it was evident from their faces that they fought through the entire season like champions. David Hossfeld's pride for his players was clearly apparent in his smile.

Mustang: Orioles vs. Phillies

In the early game up on the Mustang field the #2-seeded Phillies and the #1-seeded Orioles fought for their play-off lives and a spot in the top three. The O's defensive power kept them alive with a 4 hit performance by Zac M, and 2 shutout innings pitched by Zach P.. The 10-7 victory ended a great year for the regular season runner-up and defending tournament champion Phillies.

The Orioles will face the Dodgers Friday night at 5:15.

Mustang: Dodgers vs. Red Sox

The Dodgers and the Red Sox went head-to-head in the late game Thursday. The Red Sox jumped out agressively, baffling the Dodgers for the first 4 innings with 10 runs to 1. A rally in the 5th inning filled the Dodgers' dugout with a little life, but J. Savage took that away with a solo shot homerun in the 5th inning.

The Dodgers' 5-11 loss moves them down to the losers bracket to face the Orioles.

Pinto: Orioles vs. Yankees

Mustang: Phillies vs. Orioles

Mustang: Red Sox vs. Dodgers

Tournament Recap: June 1st

The #6 Orioles put up a good fight last night against the #3-seeded Phillies by taking an early 9-2 lead. However, the O's could not hold off the Phillies late in the game, and gave up their lead in the 5th inning. The Phillies widened the gap in the top of the 6th, ultimately putting the game out of reach when Logan Wells went yard with a 3-run homer.  Final score: Phillies 15, Orioles 9.

In the late game on the Bronco field, the #2 Cubs continued their dominating presence making quick work of the #7 Red Sox. The Cubs were supported by solid hitting up and down the line up. Jonathan Nagel dealt from the mound as the Cubs go-to pitcher, giving up only 2 runs. Final score: Cubs 12, Red Sox 2.

The Phillies will take on the Cubs in the winners bracket this coming Sunday. The #1 Marlins will be in action Friday with the Rangers. All other teams will be in action Saturday.

At the Chittum diamonds there are only 4 teams remaining in the Mustang Division and 3 in the Pinto Division (none in Shetland).

The Mustang #1-seeded Orioles defeated the Reds 17 to 6, bringing an end to the Reds' run at the title. The Phillies hung on to their tournament hopes with a 14 to 13 victory over the #8-seeded Cubs. The Phillies face the Orioles for Game 17, Thursday night.

In the Pinto Division, the Dodgers stand tall as the only unbeaten team left in the tournament. The Dodgers sent the Orioles to the lower half of the bracket last night with an 18 to 15 win.

The Red Sox hopes were dashed by the #6-seeded Yankees who have emerged as the dark horse in this tournament.

Tournament Recap: May 31st

Despite the Indians' lineup of heavy sluggers, they were unable to overcome Jason's Red Sox. The Red Sox eliminated the Indians after six innings of hard fought baseball.

The Orioles and the Mets finished their eight-inning Slugfest, after a five day delay. The final score was 30 to 29 with the Orioles on top. The Orioles will face the last remaining team in the winner's bracket, the second-seeded Dodgers. The Mets moved down to the elimination bracket and the Yankees promptly ended their season bringing them their second loss in a day.

The Cubs sought their revenge against the Braves last night, and got it in a nail-biting 7 to 6 victory. With two outs and a full count in the bottom of the sixth, the Braves' lead-off hitter tried his hardest as the last batter of the game to keep his team's hopes alive. Fouling off pitch after pitch, he finally hit a high pop fly to shallow left, which proved to be the last play of the Braves season.

Likewise, the Mariners' season ended against the Reds with a one run defecit. Trailing in the the bottom of the sixth, the Reds loaded the bases. With the Mariner's infielders drawn in tight, the Reds' cranked a high chopper bringing in the runs which ultimately led to their 12-11 victory.

The Bronco Tournament kicked off on Tuesday night with the ninth-seeded Rangers beating the eighth-seeded Yankees (15-14), and the fifth-seeded Indians beating the fourth-seeded Cardinals.

Tournament Recap: May 27th

There was a lot of orange on the Pinto Field Friday night...
... and a lot of runs. 

The Mets and Orioles are delayed due to darkness in the bottom of the 7th with a total of 58 runs in the game for a score of 29-29.  After calling the delay, Umpire Neal Steele had this to say about the game, "Players, coaches and fans were all 1st class. It was a fun game to be a part of."  Play will resume on Tuesday, May 31st at 5:00pm.

The Pinto Red Sox came to face the Dodgers having beaten the #2 seed 11 to 8 in late April.  In the early game Friday, Matt and his boys got pay back.  The Dodgers sent the third-seeded Red Sox down to the loser bracket with a 19 to 12 victory.

There are no games scheduled until after the Memorial Day Weekend.  Enjoy the holiday!

Tournament Recap: May 26th

More upsets on the Mustang Field!

The fourth-seeded Red Sox sent the number one seeded Orioles down to the elimination half of the bracket in a nail-biting 5 to 4 win.  Brandon will now have to lead the O's in a fight for their playoff lives against the winner of the Mariners/Reds game.

Seamus's sixth-seeded Mustang Dodgers sent the second seeded Phillies down to the loser bracket in a 4 to 1 pitcher's duel. 

It wasn't a good day for the Pinto Division Phillies either.  They were eliminated in a 15 to 13 defeat by the Yankees who are now 2 and 1 in the tournament. 

Jimmy's Pinto Indians got their second straight win, ending the Cubs' 2011 Spring season .

Tournament Recap: May 25th

  Wednesday night's games closed with a couple of late rallies.

On the Pinto field, Jimmy's Indians went to bat in the final inning with more than a five-run deficit, and battled back to eliminate the Cardinals.

Up on the Mustang field, Ken's tenth-seeded Mariners overcame a two-run deficit in a sixth inning fight for their life, bringing the Yankees' season to an end.

The Braves and Rangers finally finished their three-day game (delayed by rain) with the Braves moving on in the Mustang Brackets to face the Cubs.

The Pinto Phillies move on to play the Yankees after defeating the Cardinals.

In other news, flying trampolines have been spotted over the Pinto outfield. Center fielders, beware.
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Board meetings are scheduled for the first Thursday of every month at 7:30 pm in the Chittum Clubhouse, unless
otherwise noted.

WBAC Board

Position Board Member Email Address
President Jason Tone
1st Vice President David Barton
2nd Vice President OPEN  
Secretary Glenda Royael
Treasurer Cheri King
Assistant Treasurer/Concessions OPEN  
Past President Victor Psimas
Equipment Manager Dave Redden
Assistant Equipment Manager (Bronco) Jimmy Phillips  
Assistant Equipment Manager (Mustang)    
Buildings & Grounds - Chittum Co-Chair Terry Beahm  
Buildings & Grounds - Chittum Co-Chair    
Buildings & Grounds - Bronco Co-Chair Max King  
Buildings & Grounds - Bronco Co-Chair    
Concession - Chittum Susanne Staples
Concession - Bronco Kate Barton
Pictures Committee Chair Leslie Piper
Web Volunteers needed  
Sponsorship Committe Chair Ty Haughn

Baseball Committee

Position Committee Member Email Address
Commissioner Brandon Morris
Vice Commissioner Richard Rusinak
Umpires Ty Haughn
Tournament Director Tom Conway
Shetland 4/5 Player Agent John Patto
Shetland 6 Player Agent John Patto
Pinto Player Agent Robert Jones
Mustang Player Agent Jason Holland
Bronco Player Agent Trey Hudson
Pony Player Agent David Barton
At large    
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Mustang: Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dodgers 12 vs. Phillies 1
The Phillies have been beasting up the tournament, coming in as the 11th seed and upsetting the Braves and giving the A's a run for their money with lights out pitching from their aces Alex Vo and Garrett Gradine, as well as some strong support from Logan McCue, Jesse Whiddon, and Arron Whitley. Unfortunately their bats were stymied by the Dodgers' rotation, while the Dodgers bats stayed hot. James Lloyd's 5th inning bases clearing triple combined with 3 solid innings from starter Brody Spisak and 5 K's from pitcher Ty Harrell in the 4th and 5th sent the Phillies packing for the summer. Eli Jones' catch of a 2 strike popup behind the plate ended the game and sent the Dodgers into next week on a roll at the bottom of the bracket.
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Mustang: Thursday, May 31, 2012

Red Sox 6 vs Dodgers 10
Continuing their fight back to the top, the Dodgers pitching rotation held the hard hitting Red Sox to a mere 6 runs. Brody Spisak, Eli Jones, and Ty Harrell gave up 1 run each per inning to set up Charley Fitzpatrick who gave up 1 in the 5th and shut down the side in the 6th, ending the Coach Redden's run. Bryson Dansberry and David Taylor held the Dodgers bats in check for 5 innings, and the Red Sox defense went into the bottom of the 5th with a 1 run lead. The Dodgers bats, hungry for the win, put up 5 runs to clench the victory.

A's 2 vs Rangers 12
The Rangers continued to their style of playing abbreviated baseball by putting up a 10 run defecit against the A's. Again Kyle Carlson opened with 3 solid innings, holding the A's to just 1 run, to set up Mason Rhodes for the 4th and 5th. Mason gave up 1 in the 5th and sent the A's home with 12-2 victory.


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Pinto: Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dodgers 4 vs Red Sox 14
With only 4 teams left in the top of the bracket, the Dodgers went to battle against the #1 seeded, unbeaten Red Sox. The Dodgers entered the game without Coach Hemmis pitching and were only able to put up 2 runs in the 1st two innings, while the Red Sox 5-runned them in the 1st and put up another 4 in the 2nd to cushion themselves with a comfortable 8 run lead. The Dodgers were only able to put up another 2 runs for the game, uncharacteristically scoring only 4 for the game. The Dodgers go down to the losers' bracket to face the Yankees, while the Red Sox wait for the winner of the Cubs and Orioles game.

Cubs 1 vs Orioles 17
Having battled Dissociative Identity Disorder for the entire season, it was anybody's guess on which personality the Cubs would show up with against the Orioles. Would it be the Cubs that hit up-and-down the order while playing a solid defense responsible for shutting down the likes of the #2 seeded Cardinals? The answer was apparently.... NO! Even if they Cubs brought their most perfect performance, it may not have been enough. The Cubs were pounded by the Orioles bats, which teed-off inning after inning on Coach Mason's flawless pitching. The Orioles found every gap in the field hitting, and played a shut-down defense, holding the Cubs to a mere 1 run. The only run they allowed was from Ryan Boganaski putting one over the fence in the 4th. Brody Phillips continued his beastly Hall-Of-Fame season performance with 2 more home runs scorching the Pinto sky. The final result: Orioles spanked the Cubs 17 to 1.