Posted by Aragona Pembroke Little League on Feb 19 2022 at 05:29PM PST

Although our official registration sessions have ended, limited spaces are available in select divisions. If you are interested in signing up your player for a division that has openings, please follow the process outlined below. For closed divisions, you may have your child placed on a wait list in the event a vacancy becomes available on a team as our season begins.

Current Openings By Division (as of 4/3/2022):

Softball (based on player’s league age)
Major Softball (league ages 9 -12) = closed
Senior Softball (league ages 13-16) = closed

Baseball (based on player’s league age)
Tee Ball Baseball (league ages 4-6) = closed
Minor Baseball (league ages 7-8) = closed
Major Baseball (league ages 9-12) = closed
Senior Baseball (league ages 13-16) = closed

Process for Late Registration/Addition to Wait List:
Parents interested in registering a player in an open division or having their child’s name added to the wait list for closed divisions must send an email with the following to the appropriate email address below.
Player’s name
Player’s date of birth
Player’s league age
Player’s gender
Player’s address
Parent’s name
Primary phone number

*All requests must be sent to the APLL Player Agent at the following email address: *
Requests will be taken in the order that they are received at this email address. No phone calls or walk-ins will be accepted. No special requests can be accepted.

If there is space for your child, you will receive an acknowledgement email advising that your request has been accepted, with the date and time to meet with the Player Agent to complete your registration. Failure to attend this meeting will result in moving your request to the back of the line and your child may lose their chance to play.

Late Registration Costs:
League ages 4-6: Registration fee of $75
League ages 7-9: Registration fee of $105
League ages 10-12: Registration fee of $120
League ages 13-16: Registration fee of $150

For late registration, APLL accepts only cash (exact change) and checks. Checks should be made out to APLL.