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OK Everyone,

Just in case you were wondering, parents are invited to this banquet, and I have not been given any limit on how many per player can attend…as parents, you should be there to celebrate your daughter. Hope to see everyone there.

~Coach Jay

Hello Lady Titan LAX Family,

This will be my final email that I write to all of you. I know you’ll hear me say this on Wednesday evening, but I want to thank each and every one of you for a wonderful final season. I am truly blessed to have been your coach for the past 10 seasons, which for me was an absolute honor and privilege.

The only thing we have on our lacrosse calendar for this week is our end of season banquet this Wednesday night at 6pm in the LSW PAC. No food will be served due to COVID restrictions, so we will be starting the awards ceremony at 6pm. We will be awarding Varsity letters, Academic awards, end of season awards, etc…

As you may have heard, LSW has lifted the mask mandate, so wearing one will not be required.

I look forward to seeing all of you Wednesday night!

Thank you all…it’s been a wonderful journey!

~Coach Jay

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Mark Your Calendars - End Of Season Banquet

Posted by Jay Hertzler at May 10, 2021 10:25AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Hello Lady Titan LAX Family,

I wanted everyone to know that our End of Season banquet will be on Wednesday 19 MAY at 6pm at the LSW PAC (Performing Arts Center). Due to COVID restrictions, we will not be serving food this year (bummer), so we’ll be going straight to the PAC and starting the ceremony.

Please make sure you wear a mask.

~Coach Jay

Well everyone, this is it…the final week of the Spring 2021 season, and my final week as your head coach. So many emotions right now, but first and foremost, my attention is on the task at hand, which is to get our Varsity team into the Championship game, and win it all.

All games will be played at the Shawnee Mission home field (where we were last Friday night), but on the other side of the grandstands until Thursday night, then it’s back to the original field. The league will be playing 2 games at the same time to get through all the games (JV and Varsity) in a timely manner. All are welcome to attend and cheer on our team, so I encourage all of our JV players (and parents) to come out and cheer on our Varsity team! Make sure to wear a mask.

Here’s the schedule for this week. Please note that to move on to the next day, we need to win.

Monday 10 MAY at 6pm – #1 vs #8. LSW will play Park Lacrosse on Field #1.

Wednesday 12 MAY at 8pm – Winner of 1v8 vs Winner of 4v5. Should we advance to this game, we will play the winner of the St. Teresa’s Academy vs Shawnee Mission game.

Thursday 13 MAY at 7pm – Announcement and Celebration of All-Metro Players and KC Metro Coach of the Year
Thursday 13 MAY at 8pm – Varsity Championship Game. Should we advance to this game, we will play the winner of the other semi-final game. Should we make it to this game, it looks like we may play Blue Valley, but anything can happen…which is why they play the games.

This is it…this is the week we have worked so hard for. All of the summer games, fall ball, fall and winter indoor sessions, spring practices 4 times a week…all of that is for this week. Let’s finish strong…and to all of those in the stands, cheer hard! Don’t yell at the refs…that’s my job. Don’t coach your daughters from the stands, we have a cadre of extraordinary coaches to do that for you…Just Cheer Hard! Let’s bring home the big trophy!

See you (and hopefully hear you) tonight!
~Coach Jay

Hello Lady Titan LAX Family,

As we come to the close of our 2021 regular season, I wanted to let everyone know that the end of season playoff schedule has been posted. Sadly, our JV team did not qualify to participate, but our Varsity team will go into the playoffs next week as the #1 seed in the metro. Here’s the breakdown of the playoffs. All games will be played at the Shawnee Mission home field at Westridge Middle School (9300 Neiman Rd, OPK)

Our league is split into 2 divisions, East and West. The East division is the top division made up of the top 6 Varsity teams in the metro, with the West Division being the remaining 6 teams. At the end of the regular season, the 6th place team in the East will be relegated to play in the West division next season, and the top team in the West will get promoted to play in the East. This season, it looks like St. James Academy will be promoted up, and LS North will be relegated. This will be fully determined by the end of this week when all of the regular season games are completed.

For the playoffs, all 6 teams in the East will play (Seeds 1-6), plus the top 2 of the West (Seeds 7 & 8). For Day 1 of the playoffs on Monday, here’s the breakdown of the quarterfinal games:

1 v 8 (#2 team from West Div)
2 v 7 (#1 team from West Div)
3 v 6
4 v 5

Our quarterfinal game on Monday looks to be against Park or St Thomas Aquinas at 6pm.

Should we win, we will play our Semifinal game at 8pm on Wednesday against the winner of the #4 v #5 game. Right now, that looks to be a game between St. Teresa’s Academy vs Shawnee Mission.

Should we win the Semifinal game, we will play the Championship game on Thursday night at 8pm against the winner of the other side of the bracket (2v7, 4v5)…which everyone believes that Blue Valley will be the team we face.

So, to recap, next week will be 6pm Monday, 8pm Wednesday and 8pm Thursday…but we have to keep winning to move on.

As for spectators, there has been no communication to me on any restrictions on number of people, so I would like to personally invite all of you to come watch the games. Just practice good COVID measures like wearing a mask while in the stands.

Hope that helps…please let me know if you have any questions.

Let’s win this thing!
~Coach Jay