Last Chance Meet!

Posted by WL – Westwood Farms on Jun 21 2021 at 09:08PM PDT

Families we are so excited about getting one additional swim meet approved for our kids to post one last swim! Our last chance meet.

When: Friday, July 2 at 9:00 AM – Swimmers ready to warm up at 8:45
Where: Westwood Farms Pool


There are two important items to know about this swim meet:
1. Each year the league has a championship meet where all the teams come together and have a large “Champs” meet against all the teams and swimmers. Based on the swimmer’s performance at Champs, awards would be given to the top ten individuals in each event (top six are given medals). This year there is no Champs meet because of the restrictions before the year started. However, the league has decided to still pass out awards for the top ten swimmers in each event. This will have the same limits for a meet, for example, a swimmer can only be entered in two individual events, etc.
2. This meet will be for all ages and will be against ourselves, there will not be another team at our pool. The purpose of this meet is to be out there supporting our kids to swim fast. Because of the unique schedule this year and how our schedule falls, we have a bye week the last week of the season. This meet will allow us to see improvement after one more week of practice and cheer extra loud for our kids. We also got two officials coming to make the meet official.

On a side note, our officials are the head coaches for SwimUnited (Strongsville and Brunswick) and the Strongsville High School head coach. So, if you have any questions about SwimUnited (club team) you can ask them after the meet.

We need help!!!! We are going to need volunteers to make this meet run.

We are looking for the following:
6 Timers
2 Backup Timers
2 Clerks of Course
1 Photographer

We will not be able to have this meet without volunteers.

Anyone that can help early to set up or stay after to clean up would be great. Sign Up Genius has been updated with these new spots.

Please let us know if you have any questions. The swimmer registration form for this meet will be coming this week.


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