Posted by Christie T. Galloway on Mar 30 2020 at 08:58AM PDT

As social media platforms go, Instagram is by far one of the most important and relevant. Instagram stories is one of the features of Instagram where users can post their adventures or memorable events. Users of this platform don’t like this issue of unavailability of posted Instagram stories right after 24 hours had passed. You won’t find an option of saving your unforgettable clips published. It’s unavailable in this program. But do not be anxious- there is ways to prevent this. Instagram stories can be downloaded utilizing the below techniques.

Your entire Day Video Instagram Stories: Download It
The following guidance will let you save a day’s worth of stories within a Instagram story video. You will then have this video at your disposal whenever you want it, though this does mean that all your stories are clustered together in a single file. It might, therefore, take you a time to search for the part you wish to check out since it is buried among all your other videos, but is not that preferable to losing your content altogether?

Let’s get started. On your Instagram feed, top left corner, look for the “Your Story” icon. When you have chosen that, you will see an icon with 3 small dots; tap that to obtain more options. Click the “Save” option, followed by “Save Story.” Have patience as video rendering will take some time. You will view the video afterwards your Camera Roll..

Instagram Stories Individually

This is the opposite of the 1st technique above. This method gives you the option to save an individual clip of your Instagram Stories. For instance, this could mean saving just a single selfie or just your favorite moment instead of downloading every post that you created for the whole day. This technique is carried out almost similar to the way as the first one. The sole difference lies in what option to pick when downloading the story. Rather than selecting “Save Story”, select the “Save Video” option. Later, you’ll get the copy of your downloaded story saved in your Gallery or Camera Roll.

Downloading Stories Using Other Instagram User’s Account
Whatever reasons why you want to download Instagram stories of someone else’s account, that’s not our concern. The whole procedure for this is simply simple for you will just make use of third party sites. The mechanics about how these site work are similar. You only have to pick the site that you are comfy using.

How to utilize a third party website for downloading
Open your chosen third party website and ensure to check the type of information it needs. Then make sure to prepare it, whether it is the username or direct link and paste it on your browser. You will be asked to choose which of the Instagram Story moments you want to save. As the clip is tapped, hover over it and also right-click to see the Save Link As option. A copy of it will be saved to your computer system for future functions.

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