Voodoo party plundered by Vikings

Posted by Chris Golding on Oct 26 2003 at 04:00PM PST
Voodoo FC 2 Vikings 2 (click for archive report) On a day when the Voodoo had virtually a full squad, a relaxed mood and maybe only one or two selection problems, the Vikings game plan was quite simple. Chase, press, pressurise and break up any Voodoo momentum. A plan they executed for the first 30 minutes to perfection while the sleepy Voodoo looked like they were still enjoying their morning coffee's and their expected 'walk in the park'. The early Viking pressure paid off when full back Watson tripped the Viking centre forward near the by line, just inside the box. The spot kick was buried, giving the Vikings a surprise early lead. Some reorganisation helped the Voodoo settle the maurauding Danish side and gave them the opportunity to equalise with a fine header from centre forward Rob Hughes following a well worked corner. The Voodoo's first half was marred when Brazialin striker Soares turned his knee, unchallenged, rupturing his ligamanet. Although this is likely to put him out for the rest of the year, it was not as bad as first feared when it looked as if he been hit by a sniper following threats after his recent international form at home. The second half saw the Voodoo play as they can and they controlled the game for long spells creating chances but failing to finish. Finally, Hughes once again popped up in the box and was able to calmly pass the ball the the left of the Viking keeper. The Vikings, who were still very much in the game due to their effort and commitment, were trying to get the ball forward early to their quick and skillfull chinese attacker whilst tightly defending chances created against them. Finally the Vikings Chinkster managed to pass the centrebacks, creating their first and only opportunity in open play before rounding the keeper and slipping the ball home to bring the game level. He continued to keep the Voodoo defense busy and centre half Golding was unfortunate to be carded for a strong challanged only seemingly designed to make the Chinese boy more aware of his presence. The Vikings continued to work tirelessly and pushed hard to frustrate the Voodoos play by breaking up everything with balls in to touch or fouls allowing them to regroup. The ball did end up in the Viking goal on two more occassions only for the play to be called back for disputable offside calls. Finally, a run in to the box from Voodoo's Irish international Kilpatrick brought a rash challenge and left the referee correctly pointing to the spot. The first three Voodoo penalty takers were on the bench so last weeks man of the match, Paul Simkiss stepped up. Unfortunately, he not only saw his first attempt blocked but also the rebound. This summed up the Voodoo day. Then, 10 minutes later, a through ball for Hughes to chase saw him one on one with the Viking keeper only to be brought down cynically from behind, producing a red card and only 10 Vikings left on the field. This did not help the Voodoo to break the defiant Danes who worked even harder for the final minutes. At the full time whistle, it would seem they had won the cup and a point whilst the disappointed Voodoo lost two more points. However, they knew they had been in a game. This was a great spectators match and good news for the SIFL that the Vikings can raise their game to push teams harder. What Voodoo needs to learn from this is to focus for every game and not to take any opposition to lighly. Head coach Sean Capes added "Overall it wasnt too bad after our early scares. We just need to have the killer touch around the goal to finish games like this one." Voodoo are still in fourth positon in the SIFL and next week face the Belgiums of FC Blis. An interesting test. Man Of the Match: Tim Ji (nominated by Vikings) Other notable results this weekend, Fulham beat Manchester United 3:1 at Old Trafford. Although this is a stumble for United, they are still likely to be pushing until the end of the season. We hope the same can be said for Voodoo.


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