Relieved Voodoo's shear 'Vlis' at 3 Points

Posted by Chris Golding on Nov 02 2003 at 04:00PM PST
Bamboo Voodoo 2 FC Vlis 0 - (click for archive report) Voodoo were looking to get their championship campaign back on track against this seasons new boys of FC Vlis from Belgium after last weeks arguable loss of two points. FC Vlis adopted some unusal tactics by playing 4 front men and only two in midfield, looking for the long ball over the top of the Voodoo defence. This approach seemed to provide Voodoo with some problems and they were unable to get in to their stride of passing football. An unmemorable first half produced some reorganisation in midfield and up front for Voodoo and another goal for Rob Hughes to take the Voodoo in 1:0 half time. The second half was also more about commitment, tackles and tight marking rather than passing, moving and creating chances. Although FC Vlis were still looking dangerous for a quick break the defence of Emsley, Peters, Golding and Watson worked hard to keep them in check. Peters in particular playing his best game so far this season next to the seasoned Golding, who was playing sweeper to counter the long ball threat. It took the introduction of Voodoo trialist, Paul Lewis to snatch a second goal for Voodoo with a long looping lob. The kind that has often caught out the goalkeeping talent of David Seaman. From about 40 yards, Lewis saw the keeper off his line and after what looked like a hopeful high pass in to the box, the ball flew over the Vlis keeper and into the net producing the second goal breather for the Voodoo. Player manager, Sean Capes was able to make an appearence after his latest injury setback and was quick to make an impression. After two strong challenges, the second earning him a yellow card, he found himself put through the Vlis defence. This was the break through they had been looking for all afternoon after many attempts had been called disputebly offside. However, as the keeper raced out to close the angle, Capes slipped the ball pass him and towards an empty goal. As the crowd rose to their feet to cheer for a third, the ball cruelly hit the far post and was kicked away for a throw. This was the last effort in a match that was not an advert for the 'beautiful game'. "I was seriously going for goal" came the comment from Lewis. Capes added "It was great to see Paul score whether it was intended or not. It was also great to get back myself but im disappointed to have picked up a yellow and not scored. The most important thing is that we got the result." This wasnt a day for pretty football but Voodoo stuck to their task and produced a win. As we have seen from teams like Manchester United and the Shanghai Shooters, clubs that want to challenge need to bag the points even when they play badly or have even been outplayed. Its vital that they have been able to prove that they can roll up their sleeves, dig in and take all the points. It will be interesting to see if they can find their rythmn and play with passing flair and determined grit at the same time. Although they are still looking for this rythmn and have not yet found fourth gear, they still sit 4th in the league. With the next game coming up against the flambouyant French of 'Les Bleus', the Voodoo must strive for the form they promise. If they get it right, the should take the three points and maintain their French record. If they get it wrong, their league season will be difficult to revive and the French will record their first victory in 6 attempts. Either way, it will make an interesting contest. Man of the Match: To be announced


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