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Lumber Company went 2-2 good for 5th place in last weekend's NSA "D" Early Bird World Series Qualifier in Kankakee. There were 18 teams in the tournament field. Lumber Co. started out hot on Saturday scoring 21 & 24 runs in there first two games, both games were wins. But the bats and defense were not there on Sunday as Lumber Co. dropped their next two games having to settle for 5th place. The scores of all the Lumber Co. games were as follows. Game 1: Lumber Co. 21, EP Hitmen 8 Game 2: Lumber Co. 24, Ballz Deep 23 Game 3: Top Notch 13, Lumber Co. 9 (8 innings) Game 4: Mustangs Reloaded 5, Lumber Co. 2 Leading the Lumber Co. offense all weekend were B.Munday, .750; J.Pool, .733; J.Behun, .667, 13 RBIs, 1 HR; M.Wallace, .667; A.Blazekovich, .647, 6 RBIs, 1 HR; R.Motta, .600; T.Giese, .500, 6 RBIs and J.Lesnik, .500. Lumber Company's next game will be Tuesday night in JPD league action against Big Slick at 8:30pm on field #2. *click on this article's headline to view the tournament's results image
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LoCo 2-2 in Joliet USSSA "D" NIT

Posted by Robert Munday at Apr 26, 2006 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Lumber Company went 2-2 in the Joliet USSSA "D" NIT at Inwood Sports Complex on Saturday, April 29th. The tournament featured 25 teams from 4 states (IL, MI, KY & WI). The competition was good, however, the weather conditions were horrible. It was a cold day and the Lumber Co.'s last two games were played under constant rain fall. However, that type of weather is to be expected in April in Chicago and we were happy to be playing ball. The scores of the Lumber Co. games were as follows. Game 1: Lumber Co. 4, Hell Yeah 3 Game 2: Players Only 11, Lumber Co. 5 Game 3: Lumber Co. 20, Dirtbags II 18 Game 4: Squeeze 15, Lumber Co. 14 Leading the Lumber Co. offense all day were K.Quinn, .625; J.Pool, .615; J.Lesnik, .545; J.Filas, .533; M.Staab, .500; K.Wallace, .500 and T.Giese, .500. Lumber Company will be in action again once their JPD league play starts on Tuesday, May 9th at 6:30pm vs. the Squad on field #3. Lumber Company's next tournament will be the weekend of May 20th/21st in the NSA "D" Early Bird World Series Qualifier in Kankakee, IL. *click on this article's headline to view the entire tournament's results.
Lumber Company won the 10 team April 22nd Joliet Spring Training Tournament. Lumber Company went 6-1 on route to the tournament title and $400 cash prize for taking first place. The Lumber Company scores were as follows. Game 1: Lumber Co. 27, High Alert 3 Game 2: Lumber Co. 17, Purple Helmets 2 Game 3: Lumber Co. 17, Young Guns 13 Game 4: Squad 15, Lumber Co. 13 Game 5: Lumber Co. 9, Young Guns 5 Game 6: Lumber Co. 10, Squad 1 Game 7: Lumber Co. 10, Squad 4 Leading the offense all day for the Lumber Company were J.Behun, .737, 6 RBIs; B.Munday, .733; J.Filas, .714, 9 RBIs; J.Pool, .667, 13 RBIs, 1 HR; B.Walsh, .625, 9 RBIs; A.Blazekovich, .625, 6 RBIs; M.Staab, .611, 7 RBIs; R.Nurczyk, .565, 11 RBIs; M.Wallace, .560, 6 RBIs and K.Quinn, 9 RBIs, 2 HRs. The defense was strong all day, led by the very solid pitching of D.Haake. Lumber Company's next games will be in the April 29th/30th Joliet USSSA "D" NIT.
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Lumber Company's Newest Fans

Posted by Robert Munday at Apr 19, 2006 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )
Lumber Company added two more fans to their ever growing fan base this week. On Tuesday, Apriil 18th Lumber Company infielder Adam Blazekovich and his wife Jenny gave birth to a daughter Olivia Grace. Then on Thursday, April 20th Lumber Company outfielder Ryan Nurczyk and wife Colleen's second daughter, Ava Nicole was born. Congratulations from all of the Lumber Company goes out to Adam and Jenny and Ryan and Colleen!!
Lumber Company Softball is proud to announce that they have added two new sponsors for the 2006 season. Lumber Company's new sponsors include Drahos Dental Care and Cemeno's Pizza. Lumber Co. will also continue their partnership with long time sponsor McBrody's Bar & Grill. Please check out the LoCo Sponsor page on this website for more information on all Lumber Company's sponsors. Please help the Lumber Company support all three of our great sponsors.