Lumber Co. finish 2-2 in Joliet Major Tourney

Posted by Robert Munday on Jun 12 2010 at 05:00PM PDT in 2019

Lumber Company finished a respectable 2-2 in the Joliet USSSA Major Tournament over the weekend of June 11th-13th.  The tournament was a lot of fun and a good experience, which included a game two match-up with Resmondo, the best softball team regardless of class in the USA.  There were 35 teams from from 13 states and 5 classes (Major, A, B, C and D) that played in this Major Tourney.   The Lumber Co. game scores were as follows.

  • Game 1: Lumber Co. 22, VIP Softball 17
  • Game 2: Resmondo (FL) 37, Lumber Co. 6
  • Game 3: Lumber Co. 19, Polekatz 16
  • Game 4: P&P 333/Larry Tire (MI) 21, Lumber Co. 4 

To view the entire tournament results, click the link below. 

A recap of this Major Tournament from Softball Center is below. 




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