Tournament Rules

Posted by Jose Flores on Sep 06 2004 at 05:00PM PDT
General Tournament Rules Download a copy. General Tournament Rules READ THE RULES! They are there for a reason. If you have questions please ask before you join. Rules apply to everyone and you are not special only because you did not read them. All information/documentation is the coaches’ responsibility. Don’t try to change them later, only because you did not know them and/or read them. We understand that all leagues including CABA have different rules, but so do tournaments. Read the rules. Our rules are more structured to letting the kids earn their wins on the fields and take the decisions away from the game politics. Code of Conduct/Expectations You all know these rules, basically behave yourself and we will have no problems. It is the manager’s responsibility to control his fans and players as well as him/herself. Please note that the blue does not have to remind you to control your fans, it’s managers responsibility. Consider yourself very lucky if he give you 2 warnings. Don’t blame the blue if he warns you about your fans and later calls the game because you did nothing about the warning. Smoking is also prohibited in all parks. If you must smoke please take it to the sidewalk outside the park. Rules To Play by: Player age based on May 1st cutoff We will play Professional Rules except for the following. 1. Pitching restrictions: 8U-12U – 4 per game, unlimited per tournament. 13U and above – No limits Violation of pitching restrictions will result in automatic ejection of offending Manager and player. It is the Managers responsibility to maintain a pitching log that must be signed by the umpire after every game. Once a pitcher is removed from the mound, he may not pitch again in that game. 2. Distances: 6U – 50 feet Bases 8U - 42 feet pitching, 60 feet Bases 9U & 10U - 46 feet pitching, 65 feet Bases 11U & 12U - 50 feet pitching, 70 feet Bases 13U & 14U - 54 feet pitching, 80 feet Bases 15U & above - 60.6 feet pitching, 90 feet Bases 3. Length of Games: 6U, 8U, 9U, and 10U will play 6 innings - 1:45. 11U, 12U, 13U, and 14U will play 7 innings - 2:00. 15U & 16U will play 7 innings - 2:15. Once an inning begins, it must be completed. No new inning after time limit. 4. Mercy Rule: 6U-7U no mercy rule 10 runs after 4 innings - 8U-11U 10 runs after 5 innings - 12U and above 5. 8U - No lead offs and no stealing home, unless ball gets by the pitcher due to overthrow or by putting ball in play to another base. Once the ball is thrown back to the pitcher by the catcher or any fielder at the conclusion of the play, in the umpire's judgment, all base runners must return to their base. 6. 8U - Bunting is allowed, infield fly rule in effect. 7. Teams may elect to bat 9 players or bat 10 players with the 10th player being an EH. The EH is considered a defensive player and may switch in and out defensively. Teams may also bat their entire roster to allow free defensive substitution. Once a player is removed due to injury, he may not return. Starters may re-enter one time only in their original spot. Only ages 9U and up may use the DH. Remember that the DH slot on the lineup card if used is and can only be used as a DH. Meaning if another player from the bench that is not in the batting order is substituted in that DH slot, he is now the DH and he too cannot play defense only offense as DH are set to be. 8. Teams will be allowed to start and end a game with an eight-player lineup. If any player is removed due to injury that occurred on the field, and cannot be replaced legally, he is not out at next at bat, lineup simply collapses (If lineup collapses because he/her spot came up, and he/she does not bat, he is no longer a legal player allowed to re-enter the game). If removed by choice, is out at every at bat. 9. If a player is "permanently" removed and replaced by injury he is no longer a legal player. This is to avoid fake injuries due to one team trying to take an edge over another like replacing a slow runner for a fast runner, or skipping a hitter for another. This rule is an umpire judgment call and may be changed by the umpire if he feels that the player is being "temporarily" removed simply to recover from the injury and not a trick by the other team to get an edge. 10. A player picking up the game ball constitutes a new pitcher or current pitcher before or after the new inning has started. For example, if a pitcher who already pitched his max inning count picks up the ball for the next inning, he is still/now the current pitcher for that inning. If that innings is his 4th, 3 being the max, he is now an illegal player and will be ejected from that game and the ejection rule applies. 11. Home team will be determined by a coin flip and occupy 3rd base dugout. Each team will provide a scorekeeper with all pitching changes going through home plate umpire. In Playoffs, Higher seed is home team. (As long as both managers agree, teams may stay in current dugouts, unless home team insist to have 3rd base) 12. Courtesy runners will be allowed for the pitcher or catcher at any time. The courtesy runner must be last out if batting entire lineup, or anyone from the bench if not batting entire lineup and you have a bench, otherwise last out. 13.To intentionally walk a batter, a coach simply needs to inform the umpire and point to first base. No pitches are thrown. 14. Championship game, mercy in effect. No time/inning limit here unless uncontrolled conditions become and issue (i.e. lights). Just incase an issue occurs two head coaches and blue have to decide how it will end if tied before the start of the game, just in case! 15. Meta cleats are Not allowed for all ages 10U and below. Allowed 11U and up. 16. No Drop dead, last inning must close. You can/may have a tie game in pool play/round robin. 17. May NOT have a tie in only "bracket play" but can in pool play/round robin, if a tie occurs in bracket play and you did not decide how to end it before the game with the blue, you will open 1 more inning, if still tie at the end of that inning, you revert the score all the way back to the last inning where it was not tie. Not the umps or directors fault if you two coaches did not decide this in the beginning huddle. 18. In standings, if teams end up with the same record (W vs. L), the standing order will be decided on: * Head to Head * Least runs allowed (meaning how many total runs on all games you allowed to be scored against you, the lower the number the better your standing). * Most runs Scored (meaning how many total runs on all games scored against other teams, the higher the number the better your standing) * Runners Fest, 1 player from each team will run the bases, fastest time wins. Umpire’s time. * Flip of the coin. 19. At start time, a 15-minute grace period will be used in order to avoid forfeit. (If forfeit, winning team has option of still playing for fun). 20. Ejection Rule- If for any reason a manager gets ejected from the game, he must leave the field, he may sit in the bleachers unless the umpire asks him/her to leave the park/property. If ejected, he/she may not participate in next game, even if it’s the following back-to-back game (Unless umpires rules otherwise). Please note that this applies to fans/parents too. If same Manager/Parent is ejected a second time in the same tournament, he/she may not return to any of the tournament games and/or fields/properties. If a player is ejected for any reason he/she may not participate in next game, even if it’s the following back-to-back game or if it's following day. Basically you get 1 game suspension. If you get ejected from the first game on and you still have 1 more game to play that day, you cannot play, you can be in the dugout unless the ump rules different. But you can come back the following game after that 1 suspended game. (Unless umpires rules otherwise, note: the director cannot override the umpire on this call. If you have a problem with this call, do not get ejected) 21. In case of rain, power outage or other uncontrolled event occurs 5 innings constitutes a game for all 7-inning games, 4 for 6 inning games. 22. Every effort will be made to finish tournament but in case of rain, darkness or other acts of God, Director reserves the right to shorten games or modify schedules in order to finish event. Rainout policy is as follows. No games played- 100% refund or credit. 1 Game played- 50% off future tournament. 2 games played- no refunds. 23. Teams are required to maintain a record of all games in a team scorebook. It is the teams score keepers responsibility to catch the other team breaking any pitching, illegal lineup, etc rule and bring it up to the umpire, it is not the directors. This book must be available upon request by the director at any time during the course of the tournament. Umpire is official score keeper, we recommend you check your runs with the umpire after every inning. 24. Every coach has the right to protest a player’s age. Simply ask the on site director that you want to see the other teams team book. If team cannot produce this book when requested before the end of a game, that team forfeits that game. It is the manager’s responsibility to always carry that book. NO Exceptions! Coaches don’t be upset at the tournament director or tournament itself, if another team request to see this book and you cannot present it and because of that your game/win is forfeited. Be responsible and carry your book! Remember if you don’t ask, don’t complain later, you have to ask. If we find illegal players, those players can no longer participate in the tournament, and all past played games that that player played on will now become forfeits, so don’t bring illegal players. All protest must be done before the game or during the game, the only time past games are forfeit is if we find out that a team played with illegal players. If you request the team book from a team 15 minutes after the game is over and they cannot produce it, but the game is over, the game is not a forfeit. Ask before the game and/or before it ends or before the 15 grace period. The only time the past games will be forfeits are when illegal players are found. We DO check the books at check-in, but if you wish to see it, ask. Please do not try to cheat, if caught you will never be allowed back to our tournaments and your team will be posted on our web site for everyone to see. 25. No roster additions will be allowed once Roster has been turned in. No Exceptions. Please know that the Line-Up you turn in to the other team before the game has different rules. I.e. If you have 10 on your Roster, and only state 9 on your Line-Up and the 10th batter later shows up, he cannot play in that game because you did not add him to the Line-Up you gave the other team, even though he is on the Roster. If that player plays and the other team notices that he is not on the Line-Up that player must be removed from that game at that moment. If he is noticed later in the game, he is to be removed from the game at that moment and the game continues, you do not revert back. This would be your scorekeepers’ fault for not doing her/his job. To avoid this always make sure your Line-Up is the same as your Roster, just in case they later show up. (This may seem silly since we all know this rule but it has been an issue before and that team argued it, all the way to the bank.) 26. All conversations with an umpire should be conducted after a time out has been called and be held in a calm and professional manner. Verbal abuse of the umpire will not be tolerated and may result in ejection from the game. No ticky tack appeals or waste of time during the game will be allowed, ‘let the kids play!’ There is no “stop the time because little Billy is injured” this is not basketball. If the umpire notices that you are trying to delay the game he may warn you on it. The umpire will handle all appeals on the field. What the umpire decides is the rule. *The tournament staff is not the umpire the umpire is the umpire. All rules have been stated here, it is not our fault if you do not read them. 27. All appeals/protest are subject to a $100 cash fee, if appeal is correct, fee is returned. If not, then 50% goes to umpire, and 50% to opposing team. Time is not stopped if appeal/protest is requested. The game always continues, no time revert back. If you are the type of team/coach that calls on any little rule only because it’s not explicitly stated here, please do not join our tournament. Let the kids play and let them handle the wins on the field. If you “coach” really want to win by any means other than letting the kids play, let us know ahead of time and we will be glad to buy you a trophy. Please note that we recommend you carry your own first aid kit for we will not have any medical personal at the tournament. 28. Please understand that all of the players are still kids, so when we say we play "professional rules", this does not mean that head hunting the catcher on a play at home will be tolerated. If the blue/ump feels that the play at home was unnecessary that player may be ejected from the game. 29. If a team forfeits a game for illegal players, all of their games where the player participated will now become forfeits. (Only exception is if they forfeit a game for not having enough players. This forfeit will only apply to that one game where they did not have enough players.) If a team has an issue and takes their players of the field, that team will no longer be allowed to play in that tournament or any other one of our tournaments. Please understand that if a team forfeits, this may change the entire record to record of the entire tournament. But we have to enforce a forfeit if it occurs. 30. Absolutely no food or drinks may be brought into tournaments. All fields have a fully stocked snack bar at very competitive prices. No Coolers are allowed. Please note that we recommend you carry your own first aid kit for we will not have any medical personal at the tournament. 6U- Specific Rules for 6U 1. No mercy for all 6U games including championship game 2. 50 Feet Bases, 1:45 Game times 3. A 10 foot diameter circle will be drawn around the pitcher’s mound 4. A 15-foot arc from home plate will be drawn from foul line to foul line. 5. A half way line will be drawn between the bases, EXCEPT from third base to home plate. 6. The 15-foot arc will be extended past the foul line on the third base side and will be the run/score line. 7. Each inning consists of 3 outs, or Entire lineup bats whichever occurs first. Including Championship Game. 8. 14 players per team is maximum 9. Only 9 players maximum are allowed to play defense at any time, including a catcher. 10. Free defensive substitution, may enter and leave at any time. 11. All players must bat. Batting order may not be changed after the game starts. Player arriving late must play one defensive inning and must be added to the end of the batting order. 12. A safety ball will be in use, All bats must have safety grips or friction tape. 13. When on defense, the infield will have the normal fielding positions. The remaining players must be in the outfield, 15 feet behind the base/ baseline. 14. When on defense, ONE coach may be on the field behind second base. You may also have a coach outside each foul line to direct your outfield. 15. There are no walks. 16. NO stealing. A base runner must have a foot on the base until the ball is hit. Any runner leaving the base before the ball is hit will be called out, whether the ball is fair or foul. THIS WILL BE UP TO THE UMPIRE’S JUDGEMENT. 17. NO bunting. A bunted ball will be called a Strike. Batters must take a full swing. 18. A batter gets 5 Pitches a. 5 foul balls is a STRIKE OUT. b. 3 strikes is an out. d. A batted ball that hits the pitching coach, is a dead ball and counts as a strike. on the 5th Pitch, if it is a foul or a strike, the batter is out. e. batted ball that does not go past the 15-foot arc in front of the plate is a strike. f. batted ball that goes foul before it reaches the 15 foot arc is a strike g. batted ball that passes the 15 foot arc, but rolls foul before it passes first base or third base is FOUL BALL, EXCEPT if the ball is touched by a fielder while the ball is in fair territory, then it is considered a LIVE ball. h. batted ball that passes the 15-foot arc, but rolls back to rest inside the 15-foot arc is a LIVE ball. 19. Sliding into first base is an OUT. 20. Runners may slide into any other base. Runners may slide back into any base, including first base. 21. Time out may only be called BEFORE, the Coach/Pitcher goes into his/her windup. THIS WILL BE UP TO THE UMPIRE’S JUDGEMENT. 22. If a batted ball hits a base runner, the runner is automatically OUT, and the ball is DEAD. The batter goes to first. 23. If the runner is passed by another runner, the lead runner is out. 24. The ball is DEAD when: The pitcher has control of the ball in the pitcher’s circle. Pitcher needs only to have a part of his/her own body in the pitcher’s circle. The umpire will call “Dead Ball” (judgment Call). Pitcher can attempt a play by running through the circle. 25. The ball is DEAD when: Any ball enters either dugout from the playing field or from a base overthrow. 26. The ball is overthrown from the playing field and hits the fence in foul territory, it is a still a LIVE ball, and the runners may advance to any base, at their own risk until the ball is dead 27. The ball is DEAD when: Pitcher must have one foot on rubber pitchers mound. 28. Once the ball is dead, all runners PAST the halfway line between the bases will take the next base. Runners NOT PAST the halfway line between the bases must return to the previous base, THIS WILL BE UP TO THE UMPIRES JUDGEMENT. 29. Throwing the bat is an AUTOMATIC OUT. One Warning per team per game. 30. Batters must take a normal stride into hitting the ball. The batter cannot run up to hit the ball. 31. Runners, MUST wear a helmet or will be called out. THIS WILL BE UP TO THE UMPIRES JUDGEMENT. 32. The on deck batter must stay in the on deck circle untill a dead ball is called. NOTE: the umpire can make a judgment and call the batter out if a play is interrupted. 33. Managers or coaches MAY NOT touch players while the ball is in play. If a manger or coach touches a runner, that runner will be called OUT. THIS WILL BE UP TO THE UMPIRES JUDGEMENT. 34. Managers or coach’s interference while the ball is alive will be an umpires call. 35. Can have up to 4 coaches on field: Offense Defense batting coach Right field coach 3rd base coach Left field coach 1st base coach Behind 2nd base 36. Dug out coach (Can have more in dug out as long as they are IN the dug out).


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