13U- 2nd Annual President’s Day CABA Classic,Feb 14-16, 2004

Posted by Jose Flores on Feb 13 2004 at 04:00PM PST
2nd Annual President’s Day CABA Classic
That's right $ 500 fundraising "donation" to 1st place. Entrance Fee: $299 per team + plus 1 ball per game. Fee Covers everything else: Umpires, field and lights, just come and play. (We also pay your 1 time a year $20 CABA registration fee, to become a CABA registered team for 2004) CABA sanctioned. · What: 5 Game Guarantee 1st Place- $500 fundraising "donation". 2nd Place- $100 fundraising "donation". 1st Place & 2nd place receive a birth to next years CABA State & National Championship. Teams earning a berth incur all cost(s) associated with the berth including berth fees, tournament fees, travel expenses, etc. Results Place: Team name: 1st Place So Cal Reds 2nd Place SCV Cyclone Registered Teams in no specific order. 1. SCV Cyclone 2. So Cal Reds 3. Whittier Quakes 4. BH Dodgers · Where: Garvey Ranch Park. Field 1 781 South Orange Avenue Monterey Park, California 91754 For pics of tournament go to Picture Album.


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