DePere Sweeps

Posted by Steve Elliott on Jul 15 2017 at 05:00PM PDT in 2019 Season

Statements uttered after DePere's dismantling of the Nats Saturday afternoon at Westwood Park in DePere.

"I am horrible." - Huntz

"I slept two hours, drove two hours, waited two hours, batted two times, and made 2 outs and we lost twice.  It was a day for the #2's."  - CPC/CP14/not 206.

"We blew.  But we showed up.  Can that guy play short?"  - anonymous confidence sandwich.

"My parents will be here and they don't want to see a bunch of losers."  (Editor's note - like the Nationals, they weren't able to find the location of the field or witness any activities normally associated with baseball.)

"I was laughing.  Then, I was asleep."  - Drew

"I took two curve ball strikes then swung at a third out of the zone.  That usually doesn't work well" - Noah/Carp  

"Stop looking at me and go back to the B position."   KKK just prior to his ejection.

"Where's Johnny?  He's had three innings to pack up after being pulled."   Mr. Uninveral   (Editor's note - It's unclear if Johnny was running poles out of penance, to eliminate lactic acid, or to burn off the brats he wolfed down moments before his start on the bump.) 

"Do we play tomorrow?"  D1, the younger.   (Editor's note - mercifully, no.  Kewaskum made sure of that against Neosho) 

"There are only 6 beers left; we need to make a stop at the next exit." Tom (name has been changed to protect the innocent.)


We drove to DePere/The Dodgers played great baseball/High Life heals all wounds.









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