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The Overview to retrofit AES Q5 projector package in Bestune B50

by Automotive Headlight Retrofit, 2019-03-25T01:58:19.000-07:00March 25 2019, at 01:58 AM PDT

You require to pick a proper projector, HID bulb, and also the ballast before the modification.
Since Bestune is designed with the projector, when updating the housing, you can simply alter the light bulb and also the ballast to get to the alteration that you intend to present. Jason intends to modify the OEM projector kit with AES [more]
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My 9th-generation Honda Civic with Hella 5 projector retrofit

2018-07-10 07:00 PDT by Automotive Headlight Retrofit (0 Comments)

Recently driving when driving, it would certainly be a forget when I blink the light to signal the oncoming vehicle drivers to transform t... [more]

Toyota Carallo Retrofit Bi-Xenon Projector Headlight

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Nowadays, for great deals of guys, the first point they do after purchasing a brand-new vehicle is to retrofit the headlight, it is not on... [more]

Honda Accord Q5 xenon projector retro Do It Yourself

2018-06-27 11:06 PDT by Automotive Headlight Retrofit (0 Comments)

I am Zac, I have actually ran my Accord for over 2 years. I really like manual work. I’m likewise in the process of restoring my Honda Acc... [more]

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