Florida Heli aviation industry makes heavy investments to license more competent pilots.

Posted by Samuel Kenp on Mar 07 2017 at 12:03AM PST

The heli aviation industry in Florida is reportedly going through a boom after several companies upgraded its helicopters. Additionally, the companies also launched an all out discount service to make sure it is accessible to all customers.With the increasing demand for Helicopter services, many young aspirants have enrolled themselves in aviation schools. Getting a pilot licence in Florida has become quite easy, with the government’s aviation department making procedures very simple.

Flight instructors are advised to be more accessible to students so that the entire procedure becomes easier. Thanks to less grueling procedures, many students have been able to pass out as licensed pilots. Florida is currently conducting a general aptitude test for young aspirants who want to become helicopter pilots. Its course is also open to working adults. The Florida aviation authority has given specific instructions to conduct special class for working adults. Further announcements have revealed that students scoring more than 95 % will be sponsored to train in leading aviation centers of the world.

in addition to an increased recruitment, efforts are currently underway to enhance its heli flight training capabilities. Enhancements will include twin turbine, advanced aviation training device (AATD) by leading Simulation Solutions and dual control. Institutions have been financed by the central authority to enhance the visual system, autopilot, fully enclosed cockpit, advanced avionics and automatic flight control system. Competent aviation companies have also been certified to offer license courses to interested individuals.

It can now provide flying credits toward an instrument rating, 7.5 hours toward a private rating, 25 hours toward an ATP rating and 50 hours toward a commercial rating. Florida is now lauded for offering substantial cost savings for students. additionally, the offer also includes emergency procedure training capabilities. It will translate to more confident, safer and more proficient helicopter pilots. For more information please visit

rotor and wing is a leading aviation institute. The website is dedicated to helicopter pilot licensing and flight instructors. It is currently one of the leading aviation institutes in Florida.

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