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Stories are partly responsible for the resounding success of Instagram. These stories are a kind of personal ‘scrapbook’ in which users of the platform can show what they experienced that day. Each Story is only available to watch for 24 hours, after which the Story is automatically taken offline. Many people don’t know that there are apps and tools that let you download Instagram Stories. Are you curious? Then read on.

Note: There is no official way to save Stories from Instagram to your computer or phone. Just because you can download something through the tools listed below doesn’t mean you’re allowed to use the material. Before downloading a Story, consider the privacy of the person who uploaded the content and preferably asks for permission first.

Mobile apps for saving Instagram Stories
Several apps make it possible to download content from Instagram, be it photos, videos or Stories. We recommend FastSave, Super Save, and Story Saver.

In this article, we focus on using the Story Saver app.

How Story Saver works
Story Saver’s name perfectly sums up what this app is for; downloading Instagram Stories. To use the application, you must initially create an account using the data from your Instagram profile. Once you’ve done that, the app’s home screen will show you all the stories from your contacts on the social network.
To download the desired Story, just tap Save. By the way, the app also offers you the option to repost downloaded Stories on Instagram or share them via other social networks. StorySaver can be downloaded here:
Save stories on your PC or laptop.

There is also a way to download Instagram Stories to your computer’s hard drive. You do this via the Google Chrome extension IG Stories for Instagram. To add the Extension to the Chrome browser, open the following link and click Add. to Chrome and Add Extension.

Once the Extension is installed, a red icon with a downward pointing arrow will appear in the top right corner. Click to go to IG Stories:
You can now see which of your friends posted a Story today via the Friends tab. To view a Story, click the eye icon next to the name of the desired contact to open the Story:

The Story will now play in your browser. To download it, click Download in the top left corner :
Save photos and videos from Instagram.
The easiest way to save images from Instagram is to take screenshots. Then paste the screenshot you just took into Paint or another photo editor to edit it to your own taste.
If you want to know how to download videos on Instagram, then you’ve come to the right place with this.



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