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Posted by Eastlake Little League at Oct 1, 2022 9:34PM PDT

We would like to announce our 2022 – 2023 Board of Directors

President – David Ovadia
Vice President – Matt Fisher
Secretary – Lourdes Gonzalez
Treasurer – Sharon Curtis
Player Agent A – Claudia Ringgold
Player Agent B – Annie Ortiz
Equipment Manager – Casey Christian
Information Officer – Mike Rodriguez
Fundraising & Public Relations – Sal Castro
Manager Coordinator – Benny Rivera
Safety Officer – Rebekah Edwards
Majors Division Rep – James Stones
Minor A Division Rep – Jorge Contreras
Minor B Division Rep – Amanda Casillas
Challenger Division – Christian Slike
Tee Ball / Single A Division Rep – TBD
Juniors Division Rep – TBD
Score Keeper – TBD

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Posted by Eastlake Little League at Sep 25, 2022 11:22AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

p=.* Candidate Bios Special Election Sept 28, 2022*

Vice President

Harry Ringgold
My name is Harry Ringgold, I’m currently your board member as Vice President . I’ve been a member of Eastlake little league since 2014 and with the board since 2019 I’m again asking for your vote to continue to work with our President David Ovadia. I will continue to focus on our baseball families experience with continued advocation of events similar to ones put on this prior year. We’ll continue to listen to our Eastlake families for what is needed, what can be improved and how i can directly influence these improvements next season.
Thank you for your vote and GO EASTLAKE!!

Matt Fischer
With nearly a decade of service to Eastlake Little League, Matt has been a familiar face and regular source of high fives to players around the league. Matt uses his 21 years of experience coaching t-ball through high school baseball as well as his prior experiences as a league administrator and board member for other non-profits to volunteer for a variety of roles at Eastlake Little League such as coach, umpire, board member, and postseason manager. Matt is intent upon eliminating league conflicts of interest by increasing league transparency and seeking non-board member volunteers to help steer various committees such as the Opening Day and Postseason Manager committees.


Sharon Curtis
My name is Sharon Curtis and I would love your continued support as Eastlake Little League’s Treasurer. The 2022-2023 season will be my family’s sixth year in Eastlake Little League. My oldest son will be in his second year of Minor A and my youngest will be in his second year of Minor B. Last Fall season I served on the Board of Directors as the League’s Minor A Division Rep. I also served as the League’s Treasurer when I was appointed to finish out the prior Treasurer’s term. I learned how the League maintains a great relationship with the community by serving on the Opening Day, All Stars/TOC, and the Bylaws committees. It has been with the up most pleasurer to serve on the ELL Board of Directors.
Over the past year, I have learned what it means to give back to your community as a volunteer. It takes love of your community, pride, responsibility, time and commitment. I currently serve on the PTG and the Safety Committee at Salt Creek Elementary School. With the support of the community, our membership is up, and the future of ELL is bright. I take on the challenge of continuing to serve on the Board of Directors as the League’s Treasurer. I have a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting. I have a certificate from the IRS’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance. I have
25 years of work experience managing budgets, grants, and reporting. I know what it takes to maintain and create a balanced budget. I look forward to another year helping the community. I strive to be fair, patient, and objective when listening to the members needs and solving problems. Working with parents, coaches and most of all the players has made me smile throughout the past six years.
Thank you very much for your consideration.

Player Agent A

Claudia Ringgold
I am asking for your vote to continue my roll as Player agent A . I have been a member of Eastlake a Little League since 2014.
Player Agent position involves plenty of work all season long, which I have enjoyed doing for the past 3 years.
I look forward to working alongside President David Ovadia in making this next season another memorable one for the kids , and continue to represent them , by making their voices heard. Hope to see all of you out on the field , GO EASTLAKE!!!

Player Agent B

Annie Ortiz
My name is Annie Ortiz, I am a wife and a mother of 3. My husband and I have twin 10-year-old boys and a 17-year-old daughter who is a senior in High School. I am a Texas native, but I have resided in San Diego for over 13 years. My transition to San Diego was due to my husband’s military orders with the U.S. Navy.
We are a family who enjoys sports, especially baseball and soccer. We have been
part of the ELL family for over 6 years as my twins began playing t-ball at 4.
My husband has managed our son’s ELL team for 4 years and has also supported as an assistant manager throughout the years. I have had the privilege to currently serve Eastlake Little League as Player Agent B for the 2021-2022 season and have helped as a team parent.
I am passionate about our players development, sportsmanship, and happiness. Those who see me at the fields know I enjoy photography and capturing memories for the kids/parents and will cheer and advocate for your child as my own.
I have returned to school to complete my bachelor’s degree, being an example for my children that anything is possible. I enjoy doing volunteer work and investing back in our community and our children.

Safety Officer

Rebekah Edwards
For those who do not know me, I’m Rebekah Edwards and have been with Eastlake Little league for over 10 years. My oldest, Stephen aka Steve-o, played t-ball to intermediate and Jacob T-ball and this year majors. You might have seen me running around holding our newest addition to the family Cameron who in a few more years will be on the T-ball fields. What you may not know is that I am also a full time Paramedic with the City of San Diego and have worked in the Emergency Medicine for the last 22 years. I am FTO, BTO, EVOC instructor, Preceptor and the list goes on. I’ve worked on movie sets, concerts, parades, Padres, Chargers, Aztecs and sideline medical for Sweetwater High School football league for 20 years and helped establish concussion protocols. I am well versed in sports medicine and injuries and up to date infectious prevention protocols.
I Love our baseball players and would love to be your Safety officer for these upcoming years. Baseball is a huge part of our family, and this league is our second home, and will be for years to come. You might have seen me running around with a new born in a moby wrap helping orchestrate opening day, movie night, allstars, Snack Bar, you name it. This year I was on the board as the “Score Keeper” rep and had a blast meeting so many amazing families and like-minded people who wanted the best experience for their kids. It’s always been about the kids and the love for baseball. Even as a score keeper, I was able to provide the league with a replacement AED, Medical supplies and assessed our players and families with injuries on and off the field.

Scorekeeper / Tournament Director

Coach / Manager Coordinator

Benny Rivera
Hi, my name is Benny Rivera,
It would be a pleasure to achieve the position of Coach/Manager Coordinator.
I currently live in Eastlake with my wife and 2 children. This last spring, I had the pleasure of coaching a 9U team for Eastlake Little League and won the championship for this division. I was also given the opportunity to manage the 8U TOC team. I am looking forward to coaching again next spring for Eastlake Little League.
I have been coaching little league and travel ball for the last 7 years. Baseball is my passion, but more so coaching our children the sport of baseball.
Please consider voting for me for Coach/Manager Coordinator.

Equipment Manager

Casey Christian
The 2023 season will be my family’s 2nd season with Eastlake Little League and my 2nd coaching at Eastlake. I have one son, Jacey, playing at Eastlake. My family and I have cherished becoming part of the Eastlake community while creating friendships that will last many years.
I grew up playing baseball in Phenix City, AL. Ever since I stopped playing, I looked forward to having children I could teach the game and help them cultivate the wonderful memories I have of baseball. I wanted them to learn the life lessons team sports can teach a young child.
I’ve spent the last 22 years in the Navy and learned valuable skills, such as organization, developing efficient processes, and inventory management. I’m currently working as a Military Fellow at NetApp as a Technical Delivery Manager and will retire from the Navy in Jan 2023. I believe I can use the skills I’ve learned and applied over the past 22 years to bring tremendous value to Eastlake Little League as the Equipment Manager.
If elected, I hope to bring value to the board with my experience, positive attitude, dedication, and ability to always have fun. Thank you for your consideration.

Jorge Contreras
My name is Jorge Contreras and I would like to be considered for the Equipment Manager position for the Eastlake Little League. I’m a native San Diegan, living in Chula Vista for over 30 years. I have three sons and the 2023 season will be our family’s 6th year in Eastlake Little League. Eastlake Little League has been such a big part of our family’s life and I am proud to have participated as a coach, team parent and assisted with fundraising activities. I’m especially grateful to have become friends with many players and families in the area, both on and off the field.
I have always felt at home at Eastlake Little League and believe it’s time for me to step up and volunteer as an Equipment Manager. If elected, I will bring value to the board with my experience, dedication and ability to always have fun.

Information Officer

Mike Rodriguez
I am interested in running for the position of Information Officer.
I have been with Eastlake Little League since the Fall 2019 season when my son started T-Ball. Since that season I have been a manager for every season except one (when I was an assistant).
In my professional life, I have been in the IT field for over 20 years starting from a system administrator to now managing a team of 6.
I grew up in the Eastlake area and moved into Eastlake Shores in 1986 when there was no water in the man made lake! It’s been great to see how Eastlake Little League was started and has grown over the years and now I am looking forward to giving back and serving our community and kids.

Field Maintenance

Jason Carpenter
I will be running for re-election for the Field Maintenance position for the 2022/2023 board year. It was a pleasure to serve Eastlake Little League last year and I want to thank everyone who supported me and a long list of volunteers who helped with the fields. Our fields look beautiful and I will ensure they are in the best shape possible again this term. I believe our children deserve the best playing surfaces and facilities possible and I continue to deliver to those high standards. Below are a few highlights from the 2021/2022 year:
• Reseeding, re-surfacing of all fields
• All outfield transitions shaved to ensure a smooth infield to outfield transition
• New paint on all foul poles, sheds, backstops, doors, parking lot and maintenance/snack bar
• Both pitching mounds completely refreshed and built to standard little league specifications
• Proper water usage on infield clay to allow for smooth sliding surfaces and dust reduction
• Proper clay/water mixture in batter’s boxes eliminating foot holes
• Proper water and clay maintenance on pitching mounds to avoid holes and cracking of clay surfaces
Looking ahead to 2022/2023, I have the following goals in mind:
• Create a fundraising plan in order to convert playing surfaces from grass to turf (this is a multi-year project and I will target fund raising efforts for the fields with the biggest needs which are Minor B and T-ball)
• Continue to convert high usage water sprinklers to more efficient and effective models
• Secure grant funding from San Diego County to help with grass to turf conversion

Fundraising/Public Relations

Salvador Castro
My Name is Salvador Castro, and to some Coach Sal. I am running for Fundraising and Public Relations manager. My family and I have been part of the Eastlake Little League family since 2016. My son Benny is currently in Majors and I have been a coach in divisions Minor B, A and Majors for the last five years.
I have been the Public Information Officer for the California Highway Patrol (CHP) since 2017, and have conducted several high-profile media interviews for numerous critical incidents and community outreach events. I have organized several fundraising events for the CHP, such as our community car show, Halloween trunk or treats, Veterans Breakfast, “CHiPs” for Kids toy drives, and our Thanksgiving dinner giveaway, which allowed us to provide 200 meals for families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic.
My goal as a Fundraising and Public Relations manager is to bring Eastlake Little League into the San Diego limelight. With our community growing, we need to take this opportunity to increase new players in all divisions. I plan to attract new sponsors to our league by proactively contacting businesses and show them the benefit of partnering with Eastlake Little League and our quest to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA.
I believe because I have strong community ties, my relationship with the San Diego Media, local businesses, my fundraising experience, and my work as a Public Information Officer for the CHP will make me an effective Fundraising and Public Relations manager for Eastlake Little League.

Juniors / Intermediate Division Rep

Majors Rep

James Stones
A little about myself. I have Coached Spring Season for two years starting with Single A. I have coached a fall season in Minor B. I plan to continue to coach in Eastlake for years to come. I have previously coached in other leagues to include Southbay and Parkview. I enjoy teaching kids the game of baseball and watching the kids progress on their skills as the seasons progress. I volunteer my time strictly for kids to have a safe and enjoyable little league experience. Currently I am an assistant coach for a local travel ball organization. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Minor A Rep

Minor B Rep

Amanda Casillas
Hi! My name is Amanda Casillas, and I am running to serve as your Minor B Rep. My family has been with Eastlake Little League since T-Ball, and my son is now in Minor B. I have served as team mom on multiple teams. I enjoy watching the players develop into athletes and good sportsmen. Professionally, I am a government attorney. I am highly organized and resourceful, and it would be my pleasure to serve on the Board.

Tee Ball / Single A Rep

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11u District 42 and Section 7 Champs

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Eastlake Little League could not be any more proud of our 11U All-Stars! They went to battle and left everything out on the field for every game. They captured both the District 42 All-Star championship and the Section 7 Championship Title.
To our All-Stars, you are fantastic athletes and represented Eastlake Little League at its finest!


Posted by Eastlake Little League at Jun 15, 2022 10:15PM PDT

Congratulations to team Curtis our 2022 Minor B Gold Division Champs!