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Posted by Laurie Sherman on May 03 2021 at 01:19PM PDT

Any research project that you want to make requires a research project proposal. If you know all the rules of writing a research paper proposal, it will not be difficult to complete this task. By the way, successful completion and approval of your research project proposal means that you are ready to continue working on your project.


Research project proposals consists of several parts. All the parts of research paper proposals are significant and should be written according to certain rules. This time we are going to discuss the peculiarities of writing such part of a research project proposal as methodology. Why exactly this part? Because it influences the results of the whole work a lot.


So, what should be considered while writing the methodology part of your research project proposal? Below you will find pies of advice from Write My Paper Company.

  • First, the methods described in your research project proposals should be based on the main question and the goals of your work.
  • Second, the methodology section of your research project proposal will depend on how deep the problem is studied. If there are not so many materials on your topic, the methods you will have to choose will be of the exploratory kind.
  • There are quite a lot of exploratory methods that can be described in the research project proposal. You can choose from the interviews, surveys, observations, various experiments, and so on. You have to think about what exact method will be the most appropriate for your research.
  • If some people were involved in your research, be sure to tell about them in your research project proposal. Give the number of people, some background information about them (gender, age, ethnic group).

It is important to make everything properly in the methodology part of the research project proposal. In case of some difficulties, do not hesitate to consult the " buy rhetorical analysis essay " website..

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