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  Proudly Serving the Youth of Vista and San Marcos Since 1954!
Vista National Little League
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Fall Ball Registration

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Spring 2018 Snack Bar Sign-Ups

Read this Important Information before clicking on the VolunteerSpot Logo at the bottom of this page to Sign-Up.

VNLL will be using VolunteerSpot for snack bar shift sign-ups. This on-line option will allow parents to sign-up for shifts at their convenience. It will also allow for more flexibility and choices for our parents, with the ability to pick any shift day or time which fits their schedule throughout the season.

**IMPORTANT- when arriving at the snack bar, there will be a sign-up sheet.  This will allow VNLL to identify you with the proper child/team & will ensure you get credit for working your shift(s). Failure to indicate this information may result in you not getting credit for the shift you worked.

Sign up for your shift by clicking the VolunteerSpot image below.  You will need to input your e-mail address twice and then sign up for the shift(s) that you want.  When you sign up and type in your name, please indicate YOUR NAME, the PLAYER'S NAME that you are working for, and your player's TEAM NAME all on the SAME LINE.  An example would look like this:  Joe Smith_Jr Smith_Padres

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City Tournament Rules

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The 2016 Vista City Tournament will begin play on Tuesday May 31, 2016. Vista National LL (VNLL) will host the tournament.  There will be 25 teams participating (VNLL 3-Majors, 3-Minors, VALL 4-Majors, 6-Minors, RBVLL 4-Majors, 4-Minors, BFLL 1-Majors). The top 3 finishers in each division will be awarded trophies at the conclusion of tournament play.


Each league will provide team rosters for each of their teams, listing player’s ages, to the other leagues presidents by Monday May 30, 2016. Each league will prepare site books with rosters to be kept at each playing facility.


The tournament will be played according to official regular season Little League baseball rules of play. The following additional rules and policies will also apply:


Site Specific Information and decorum

  1. Artificial noisemakers are prohibited at all game locations

  2. Sunflower seeds and gum are prohibited on the playing fields at RBVLL, VALL and VNLL – they are allowed in the stands at RBVLL and VNLL, and cups are provided for the shells.

  3. Fans at all locations are expected to pick up trash and sweep the facility when their game is complete. 

  4. Team drinks will NOT be available from the snack bar at the conclusion of games

  5. Patronize the snack bar at the various venues – it is an important source of funding for all of the leagues. Outside food is STRONGLY discouraged.

Game Preliminaries

  1. Managers shall report to the tournament table 45 minutes prior to the scheduled game start time.   At that time they are required to deliver 2 copies of their game line-up (which includes first/last names, uniform numbers, and starting positions) and pitching log to the site director.  Each manager is solely responsible for the care and delivery of their pitching record. Failure to deliver a pitching log may result in forfeit.

  2. The site director/board member on duty will provide lineups to the umpires and scorekeepers.

  3. Home teams for each game will be determined by coin flip administered by the BMOD.  Teams will occupy the established home and visitor dugouts at each field.

  4. Home leagues shall prepare the fields for all games.

  5. Home leagues shall provide 2 new baseballs for each game (“RS” designation or better).

  6. Each league shall provide a scorekeeper, pitch counter and umpire crew for games played at their facilities.  The championship game will have a combined crew from all leagues who choose to send umpires to the game.

  7. Prior to the start of each game, each team will provide an adult onlooker to serve on a protest committee for the game.  The chair of the committee will be the game coordinator (or Board member on duty).   The committee’s decision is final and no further remedy is available.  Protests will be resolved immediately following the lodging of any protest.

  8. Specifically at VNLL, and RBV batting cages are available for teams to use prior to their games under the following guidelines:  The team listed on the top of the bracket will have the use of ONE cage 90 minutes prior to the scheduled game start time for 30 minutes.  The team listed on the bottom of the bracket shall have the use of ONE cage 60 minutes prior to the scheduled game start time.  Both teams shall be at their playing field 30 minutes prior to game start time.

  9. Teams playing on field #1 at VNLL may use the batting cages near field #2. Teams playing on field #2 may use the batting cages near field #3.

  10. Pre-game infield is not guaranteed! Should the first game of the day run late, the second game of the day will begin 10 minutes after the completion of the first game.

Tournament Games - Specific Rules
  1. At ALL parks, no new inning will begin after 9:45 PM and all play will cease at 9:55 PM. When a game is called at 9:55, if it is a legal game, as defined by the LL Rulebook, the game will be final. Read rules 4.10-4.12 in the Little League rulebook.  If a game is deemed to be suspended per the LL Rulebook, the teams will return to the site the following day at 4:00 and resume the suspended game to its completion.

  2. In the minors division, if less than 6 innings have been played, the LAST inning will be the inning that begins after 1 HR 40 MIN have elapsed from the official start time.  Unless at the end of the inning is a tie the game continues.

  3. In the minors division, teams may score a maximum of 5 runs per inning, in ALL innings.  There are no “open” innings.

  4. In the minors division, in the 6th inning, or in the last inning as defined in #2 above, should a team be trailing by more than 5 runs, the trailing manager shall concede the game.

  5. If a team is trailing by more runs than they can score (after 4 innings, or 3 ½ innings if the home team is leading), the trailing manager shall concede the game.

  6. Pool players may be used.  Managers may add pool players to reach a maximum roster of 10 players.  Pool players will be assigned by each league’s respective player agent.

  7. Pool Player shall not play pitcher.

  8. Should a team be unable to field 9 players prior to the start of the game, or at any time during the game, the game will be ruled a forfeit in favor of the opposing team.

  9. All divisions will use continuous batting order (CBO)

  10. All divisions, 10-run mercy rules apply per the LL Rulebook

  11. All divisions, all games will be played to the extent required to determine a winner. 

Postgame and Tournament wrap up
  1. Managers must sign their pitching log (in pen) and carry it with them to subsequent games.

  2. Teams completing the last game of the evening are expected to sweep their dugouts if brooms are available and rake the fields if the host leagues need help.

  3. Trophies will be awarded to teams placing 1st-3rd place in both the Major and Minor divisions.

  4. Please submit scores from VNLL, VALL and RBVLL via text message to Andy Setter @ 760-310-0473. Brackets will be kept updated on the VNLL website as often as updates are available. 

Tournament Contacts

VNLL President – Tournament Director – Andy Setter



VALL President – Jake Griffiths


RBVLL President – Joe Miller



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Vista National Little League's
Home Run Hall of Fame

Here is a registry of players that have hit the ball out of the park!

2017 Spring Season



2/25- Reds: Kyle Rogers hit a walk off homerun against the VN Giants

3/4- Reds: Adrian Ghrer hit a homerun against the RBV Padres

3/4- Giants: Sal Huerta hit a 3 run shot against the RBV Giants



2/25- Dodgers: Aiden Oropeza hit 2 homeruns against VN Nationals.

2/25- Dodgers: Colin Olinger hit 1 homerun against VN Nationals

2/25- Nationals: Mitchell Saunders hit a homerun against VN Dodgers

3/2 Dodgers: Elijiah Wooley hit a homerun to centerfield against VN Braves

3/2  Nationals: Mathieu Ortega hit a homerun against the Padres  


  Is your child's home run missing from our listing?  

Email the league at