1st Round Pairings

Posted by Cynthia Gately on Feb 22 2012 at 04:00PM PST

1st Round of Playoffs - To be played the week of Feb. 27th. Top 4 Seeded Teams are Home - Coaches please secure a gym for the playoff game - **REMEMBER**: "Home Site" may need to be flexible because of gym availability - Coaches, please let me know game dates ASAP

     Senior Division:

#1 St. Joseph, Medford - Bye    

#2 St. Mary 8  -  Bye

#3 St. Joseph, Wakefield  vs.  St. Charles   

#4 St. Agnes  vs.  Cheverus

     Junior Division

#1 St. Raphael  vs.  Our Lady's Academy

#2 St. Patrick Green  vs.  Immaculate Conception

#3 Cheverus  vs.  St. Anthony

#4 St. Joseph, Wakefield  vs.  St. Joseph, Medford

Semi-Finals and Championship Games scheduled for March 6, 8 & 9th at Austin Prep High School



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