Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Varsity Red All-Stars:

Posted by Yves Pierre-Louis on Feb 27 2016 at 04:00PM PST
Varstity Red Division All Stars
1st Team  Forward  11 - Luke Pierce  St. Joe's Maroon
 1st Team Forward  15 - David Matthew  St. Joe's Maroon
1st Team Forward  15 - Patrick Miklinski  Starpoint
1st Team Defense  20 - Ryan Riter  Orchard Park A
1st Team Defense  27 - Eric Deakin  St. Joe's Maroon
1st Team Goalie  30 - Morgan von Hedemann  Starpoint
2nd Team Forward  7 - Connor Bender  Canisius
2nd Team Forward  8 - Marshall Cappelli  Orchard Park A
2nd Team Forward  8 - Josh Krupczyk  Starpoint
2nd Team Defense  4 - Jordan Martin  Canisius
2nd Team Defense  2 - Jacob Wildt  Starpoint
2nd Team Goalie  37 - Zakary McMurray
Coach of the Year  Sean Elliot  St. Joe's Maroon


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