Posted by Larry Dysart on May 04 2019 at 05:00PM PDT

  LATEST UPDATES  (Apr 03, 2019) 

  Tournament results are published.  A never-before seen 4 ot game highlited the 7-2 finals with Wilmington outlasting North Reading !!

Results of Operational Meeting (11/05)

Divisions finalized.  Game dates required by 11/9.  Tournament sites set.

Prelim games will be at the MillWorks in Westford on 2/25 and 2/26

Results of AGM (10/23)

The dates and location of the post season tournament have changed.  Originally we thought we could use the Mill Works in Westford for the entire tournament.  Unfortunately, the space is not open ANY Sunday and is taken on 3/8,3/9. We expect to get things pinned down by the next meeting.

fee set at $175 per team, but some adjustments may have to be made if we carry out on the plan to encorporate all the prelims 


    Under Handouts.  A tutorial with screen shots for all coaches or Team Administrators on how to enter game reports.

Look under "Other Events" for Info for current tournaments

  • Fundamental Hoops
  • Tewksbury Summer League 2019



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