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Posted by John Mcfadden Jr on Apr 17 2019 at 05:00PM PDT

1. ONLY the team manager can dispute a call. Anyone else is subject to ejection from the game.
2. Protests will be settled by the umpire and each team's manager.


1. Anyone using foul language or disorderly conduct, whether a player or a spectator, and by the discretion of the umpire, shall be removed from the premises and is subject to suspension from the league[Refer to Rule 2(F)(4) below.]

2. Anyone consuming or possessing alcoholic beverages, or illegal drugs, shall be removed from the premises and will be subject to suspension from the league. [Refer to Rule 2(F)(4) below.]

3. INTENTIONAL PHYSICAL CONTACT by any player will be subject to ejection. This includes the breaking up of plays and running over defensive players in the baseline. If a runner is blocked from access to the base, or baseline, by a defensive player, the runner shall be called safe (per ASA’s obstruction rule) by the umpire, but by no means should the baserunner intentionally run into the defensive player.  

4. REMOVAL/EJECTION is the responsibility of the associated team. If team cannot remove offender from the premises then game will be called and that team will receive a forfeit.  


1. The uniforms shall consist of loose sweats, jeans, shorts (NO short-shorts) and t-shirts (with or without sleeves). NO tank tops or muscle shirts (no showing chest or offensive clothing). 

2. ASA approved shoes [rubber (short, solid sole) spikes], turf sole or tennis shoes only. Metal cleats are NOT allowed.

NOTE:  There is no requirement to have matching, numbered shirts; however, it is recommended.



    >3. GAME 

1. The umpire shall be responsible for the starting and timing of each game.  Game time shall be declared at the first warm-up pitch, or when the umpire declares “game time,” if there is a delay.
2. During the first three (3) weeks of the original league schedule, all games will have a 55 minute limit.
3. After the first three (3) calendar weeks of the original schedule (traditionally, the 4th week in May) all league games will have a 60 minute limit.   

4. A legal game shall be 3-1/2 to 4 innings, or 45 minutes when/if the game is shortened due to darkness or weather.
5. A game can be started or prematurely ended by unanimous vote of the two (2) managers and the umpire.
6. A game will be considered official if started and completed by no less than eight (8) players on both teams.
7. There will be run-ahead (spread) rules:  15 runs after four innings and 10 runs after five, or more, innings.  
8. The Flip/Flop rule, in the inning when the run rule is exceeded and the home team is losing, the home team will remain at bat and become the visiting team. if the (new  visiting team) does not score enough runs to reduce the run difference below the run rule, the game is over .If they reduce the run difference to below the run rule then the new home team will bat. If they subsequently score enough runs to exceed the run rule, the game will be over, if they do not, the game will continue under that fornat.  

15 AFTER 4            AFTER 3RD INNING
10 AFTER 5            AFTER 4TH INNING 

9All umpires will be responsible for unlocking and locking the base box, before and after each game.                
10Umpires are responsible to record and communicate the scores to the Umpire-in-Chief.

(Refer to NMCSL Policies “Reporting Games”)


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