Class Reps

Posted by roger cann on Aug 12 2012 at 05:00PM PDT

Class reps are active members who try to keep current on all club activities.
If you need more information than is on the website check with them.
Their preferred contact numbers are listed.

Reps for the fall 2012 season are:

12th Grade LAHS class of 2013–Chris Keer (610) 597-3499

11th Grade LAHS class of 2014–Kyle Smith (610) 377-6946 

10th Grade LAHS class of 2015–Tammy Mertz (610) 377-4997  

  9th Grade LAHS class of 2016–Lisa Sawyer (610) 533-2305  

  8th Grade LAHS class of 2017–Peter Shanton (610) 349-4093 

  7th Grade LAHS class of 2018– 


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