Summer NEBAS update

Posted by NEBAS Admin on May 30 2020 at 11:10AM PDT

Folks, (this email is not going out to EVERYONE, just the town directors that we have on file- please send to your coaches that might be interested in participating in SUMMER NEBAS – Travel baseball)

I am sure that by now everyone has heard that Baseball can start up again in June? (as indicated by my phone and email exploding yesterday, 5 minutes after the governor spoke.)

That being said, the statement put out yesterday did nothing but cause more confusion as it was very very vague.

Our goal is to have a summer NEBAS league, starting WHEN WE CAN.

We are asking all towns to start checking your inventory for kids and teams and start to register using the NEBAS form that is on the NEBAS website. Disregard any submission dates that are on the NEBAS site or on the NEBAS forms.

Please register by June 12th if you plan on entering any teams into Summer NEBAS.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY PLEASE make sure that your numbers are true, meaning you might THINK that you have enough kids per each team, but some parents might not be comfortable with their children playing.

AND just as important, please review with your team/players and league directors that you have players that will be willing to be the catcher on your team? (Still no word on how social distancing will work with a catcher setting up behind the batter)

And note that one rule that will be put forth is the “NO SHARING OF EQUIPMENT”, so make sure that you have enough equipment. Catchers gear and batting helmets, bats.

As soon as we get more information from the governor we will move ahead quickly. We will start as soon as we can, play as many games as we can, and still have playoffs that might go until the 2nd week of August.

Reminder Westwood is the host town this year.

thanks jim oettinger/Yash Risbud

Jim Oettinger
cell 201-674-3413


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