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Posted by Chloe Sigouin on Feb 20 2020 at 11:09AM PST

Aiming for the podium | Host Family | Officials Level 2 Course

Fundraiser Aiming for the Podium 2.0

Aiming for the Podium 2.0 is coming up on December 27th to Buffalo Bills. Please come out and support Alpine Canada’s Men’s Alpine EC/WC team for 2020. Six of the youngest members of the team are WMSC alumni and we will be celebrating their amazing start to the 2019/2020 season in both Nor-Am and World Cup races while raising money towards their training and racing program. Full details below.

Looking for a Host Family

We are looking for a family who would be interested in hosting an international racer and member of our club, who is participating in an exchange program with the Sea to Sky School District, attending Whistler Secondary High School.

The racer, originally from Germany, is currently spending the holidays in her home country and would very much love to continue her international program and come back to Whistler until the end of June 2020.

The starting date would be around mid January, short before the start of the second semester of the current school year, and the host family receives a monthly compensation.

If you are interested, knows someone who may be, or have any questions, please contact:

Officials Course Level 2 – New Dates: January 4th and 5th

Level 2 is a detailed introduction to the methodology of alpine ski racing. It covers the types of races, ski competition rules (ICR), points systems and the responsibilities of the key organizational roles; chief of race administration, chief of timing, chief of gates judges, chief of course, chief of race, start referee, finish referee and referee.

The prerequisites are Level 1 plus at least 8 days of race volunteering experience in at least 2 different areas (for example 5 days course and 3 days manual timing).

There is a one hour exam open book at the end of the course.

If you have any questions, please email Graham Ross at

Grouse training – Tuesday nights

Over the past 4 season we have run Slalom training Tuesday evenings on Grouse Mountain for U12, U14 and U16 athletes.
Sessions will run from Early January to Mid March, with our first session starting January 7th (weather & snow permitting).

Athletes meet coaches at the base of the tram at 4:00 and upload by 4:30, downloading at 8:00 ready for pickup between 8:15 and 8:30.

Grouse night sessions provide a great opportunity for our WMSC members located in the Vancouver area to get some extra time on snow when it can be difficult to make it to Whistler for Extended and Core Plus training. Additionally the short turnaround at grouse caters to a great environment for work on our Slalom technical and tactical skills. Often we work in with Grouse and share environments building connections across the age categories.

Costs for Grouse Night training will vary based on age categories and if you have a Y2Play pass.
The cost for U12 and U14 will be $47.50 with a Y2Play pass and 60$ without the Y2Play pass. For U16 the cost will be $50.00 with the Y2Play pass and $71.00 without the Y2Play pass.

Tickets will be posted for Registration once conditions are permitting.

Ski Cosmos : Carve Year Round

There is a new opportunity to refine technical skiing and develop ski specific fitness on ski simulators.

Ski Cosmos is now open in North Vancouver and they have 2 simulators and additional movement / fitness facilities. We will be looking at being able to hold sessions there in the future, however in the meantime Ski Cosmos: have offered a 10% discount for WMSC Members by entering the promo code WMSCPROMO.

The simulators are made by Skytechsport and are used most notably by the US Ski Team who have one in their Park City training centre.

Some of our coaches have been down to try it, and they all felt that it is an excellent opportunity for athletes (and parents) to work on their skiing and fitness. Here are a few of their comments:

  • 250 turns each 20-minute session (equivalent of 4-5 consecutive full length SL runs, 6 consecutive full length GS runs, each typically taking 2 hours to complete)
  • Fixed Stance on Machine is a very effective way to make technical changes to body position and movement in perfect conditions
  • Fitness associated with doing such a high volume of turns in a row is not only great general strength and stamina training, but also directly related to muscles and movement patterns involved in skiing (impossible to train outside of actual skiing)
  • Can be utilized as complimentary ski-specific training in the Winter or as a way to keep the ski legs turning all Summer long
  • Adaptable terrain – moguls and different snow types that vary the tempo and feeling accordingly.

Visit and for more details!


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