Athletics…done right…is the other half of education.

Posted by Keith Waninger on Nov 02 2006 at 04:00PM PST
The athletic field is where the kids learn the lessons of life and have fun. They learn that winning isn’t as important as preparing to win… They learn never to give up… They learn to lose with dignity… They learn to win with honor…They learn that you can be whatever you want to be if you work hard enough at it… They may never be first-team or all-state or an all-American, but the important thing is that they try…They learn to be good citizens… It’s better to be a good American than an all-American.image


2022-06-22T21:20:55.000-07:00June 22 2022, at 09:20 PM PDT, ArthurM Miller said:

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Athletics, when done right, is the other half of education. It teaches discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. It’s a crucial part of personal growth and development. To balance my academic commitments, I’ve also found great help on this sourse Its ensuring that I can excel both in the classroom and in sport.