Today's Interesting Lowell Lawson League facts and then some!!

Posted by WED AM - Lowell Lawson on Oct 14 2020 at 03:44PM PDT in Fall 2020

In the 25 years of CSSAS’s existence, we now have had a first and it happened today to end Game #2 on Field #4!! The game between Sosebee Funeral Home and El Ranchero came down to Sosebee needing to score 1 more run to tie, play another inning to possibly win. However a husband and wife team members of El Ranchero did a double play on Sosebee to end the game with El Ranchero victorious. That couple are the Jenkins’s – Renee and Rick who joined Lowell Lawson group Fall of 2019… El Ranchero’s win today has put them in 1st Place for the Fall 2020 Season with two (2) more games to be played in the season. We welcome more couples and women to join and play.
Now, for more news, next week Wednesday, Oct 21 10:45 am game on Field #4 will feature the Battle of the *Mortician’s Cup* for the final time this season. Darby Funeral Home will play Sosebee’s Funeral Home for the keeper of the cup until Spring 2021 Season. We are asking that the two teams remain on field after the game for pictures and a small award ceremony.


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