News and Announcements

The MYBA Spring 2024 All Star Game Rosters are posted in the “Documents” Section in the main menu of this webiste.

Congratulations to all our ALL STARS

Players please arrive one (1) hour prior to your scheduled start time. You MUST Report to the Registration Table by the Concession Stand prior to proceeding to your field.

FRIDAY, May 17, 2024
9U Modified 7:00 PM Grapeland 1
10U Majors 1 – 6:00 PM Grapeland 2
12U AAA 1 – 6:30 PM Grapeland 3
12U Majors 1 – 6:30 PM Grapeland 4

SATURDAY, May 18, 2024
7U Majors 12:30 PM Grapeland 1
8U Majors 10:30 AM Grapeland 1
9U Majors 1:30 PM Grapeland 2
10U AAA 10:00 AM Grapeland 2
11U Majors 1:00 PM Grapeland 4
12U Majors 2 – 9:30 AM Grapeland 4
13U Majors 11:00 AM Grapeland 3
14U Majors 2:00 PM Brothers to the Rescue 2

SUNDAY, May 19 2024
6U Majors 11:30 AM Grapeland 1
10U Majors 2 – 10:00 AM Grapeland 2
11U AAA 10:30 AM Grapeland 3
12U AAA 2 – 11:00 AM Grapeland 4

MYBA FALL 2024 for MAJORS and AAA Divisions

Season Starts – Saturday, August 24, 2024

MANDATORY COACHES MEETING: Thursday, August 8, 2024 at 7 PM, in the Grapeland Park Community Center (1550 NW 37 Ave., Miami, Fl 33125)

For Additional Information Call: Alex Delgado 305) 710-3405 or email MYBA2006@Aol.Com


Note: Team Registration Includes: Player Registration Fee (Miami Dade County) – Player Game Day injury medical coverage – Coaches/Volunteers Background Checks and MYBA ID Badges (6 per team Coach Pitch Divisions, and 5 per team all other Divisions) – $25 per each additional Coach/Volunteer

5U T-Ball $1,000 League Team Fee

6U, 7U & 8U Coach Pitch – $1,895 league Team Fee

8/9 Modified Kids Pitch, 9U Open,10U Majors, 10U AAA, 11U Majors,11U AAA, 12U AAA, 12U Majors 13U (54/80),13/14 (60/90) – $2,295 League Team Fee

What’s included in League Team Fee

– Fields (dragged and lined) – Umpires – Baseballs – On-site League Commissioner – League Liability Insurance – Player Accidental Injury Medical Insurance (Secondary Excess Coverage for injuries sustained during MYBA games only) – Background Checks and League ID Badges (Max 5 coaches/volunteers per team – Required by law – $30 each additional)- Field Maintenance staff – League Administration; Website, Scheduling, and Stats – League Champion and Runner up w/ individual player Rings (or Awards) and Shirts – Individual Champion Awards (CY Young, Home Run Champ, and Batting Leaders) – All Star Games w/ individual player Rings (or Awards) – plus much more… Note: Teams will pay $10 cash (not part of league fees) to the onsite Scoreboard operator/announcer, per game at GRAPELAND.

May 1, 2025 Age Cut-Off – (No Grade Exceptions) We are using next years age cut-off for the Fall Season (as we do every year)

Non Refundable Deposit – $750 per team is due August 8, 2024 Balance of League Fees are due by August 24, 2024

Registration Check List:​

- Submit Non Refundable Deposit $750 by August 7, 2024

- Submit Team Calendar (Block-Off Dates) – Days that Can Not Play – by August 8, 2024

- Submit Initial Team Roster and copies of Birth Documentation by August 8, 2024– No additions to the Team Roster after September 29th, 2024

- Submit initial Coaches Roster Form by August 8, 2024 – Coaches MUST Complete Background Application on-line (Coaches that completed their Backgrounds during the Spring 2024,Season do not have to do another one for the Fall 2024) – Additionally, each coach MUST submit a “Passport Style” headshot selfie (No caps or glasses) to be emailed to MYBA2006@Aol.Com – Please ensure you list the Team Name and complete Coaches Name on the email.

- Ensure that a Parent/Guardian of each player completes the NSID Age Verification and link it to the MYBA Fall 2024,Season (Please use the direct LINK on the main menu of this website) or click this link , and the On-Line Player Registration. The form is found on the Main Menu of the MYBA webpage “2024 MYBA FALL Parental Acnowledgement, Player Registration and Release Forms”

- Submit Hard Copy of the Parental Acknowledgement and Release Form for each player.

- Submit Balance of League Fees by August 24, 2024

- Download and Review the League Rules and Regulations – Ensure you are familiar with all the League Rules and Regulations.

Click on “Documents” to Download all forms and complete them

The MYBA Spring 2024 – League and Play Off Formats are NOW POSTED

Please refer to the link on the main menu above.

We are currently on schedule to commence Play Offs the weekend of May 4th and 5th subject to weather and rainout make-ups.

Please plan accordingly.

ALL MYBA 2024 ID Badges for coaches and volunteers that have complied and submitted their Background Application and Photo for the ID Badges (as of Tuesday, February 20th) are at Grapeland Park. PLEASE go to Grapeland Park during regular MYBA playing hours to pick yours up.

REMEMBER that those that received their MYBA 2024 ID Badges during this past Fall 2023 Season will continue to use those ID badges.

Effective Monday, February 26th, 2024 no one without a completed and approved Background and MYBA League ID Badge will be allowed in the batting cages, dugouts, or fields.

Plan accordingly- if you have done your Background you also need to submit a selfie (headshot) – taken against a solid color background, no glasses or caps, and send it to the league email – – please make sure you put your name and team on the email.

For those that completed their backgrounds and submitted their photo – the ID Badges will be distributed starting Monday, Feb 19th at GRAPELAND Park.

No Exceptions and No Excuses.


BEWARE OF SCAMS and FRAUD relating to Live Streaming of games. We currently DO NOT LIVE STREAM GAMES

We have become aware that scammers are posting information on Instagram and other social media with link to Live Stream our games, and charging fees.

THESE ARE SCAMS as we do not live stream games.

If anyone has been scammed into paying the fee -please contact your credit card company as to this FRAUD.

Thank you