June 1, 2019 Meet Angleton @ Baytown

Posted by Baytown Bucaneers Aquatics on May 28 2019 at 12:53PM PDT in Summer 2019

All Buccaneers On-Deck

We need all Buccaneers registered for the first swim meet. We also need all parents signed up to volunteer for the meet. With the new software it might take more people than normal to make sure the first meet runs smoothly. Sign up today to swim and volunteer. Plan to be at the Sterling Natatorium by 6:45am. Look for Coach Fanning to circle in. Anyone not able to be at the pool by 6:45 needs to text Coach Fanning and let him know or you will be scratched from the meet. Once scratched we cannot put you back into the meet. Parking will be limited due to graduation. Please limit the number of vehicles your family brings to this meet. We are only allowed to park in the first row in front of the Winnie Brown Gym. If possible save as many of these spots for the other team. There is parking on the other side of Baker Rd in the shopping center.


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