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    Create a professional looking website in minutes

    Build your site the way you want it with TeamPages

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    responsive website design

    TeamPages looks great on all devices. Whether you’re on an iMac or a phone - your site will look great. Choose from multiple templates, pick colours, and upload custom banner and background images.

    Custom pages, links, & widgets

    Create custom content using our simple text editor. Add text, images, links, and more! Embed custom widgets onto your home page.

    Drag and Drop Layout

    Change the layout of your website in seconds - simply drag and drop a section of your site and you’re done!

    Privacy & Security

    Keeping your site’s content safe and secure is essential. Our intuitive privacy & permission tools give you complete control over who can view and access your site’s content.

    TeamPages Website Creation
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    Register Players and Collect Dues

    Provide your members with a seamless online registration experience

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    Quickly Build Forms

    Create the forms you need without writing a single line of code.
    Some examples include:

    • collecting player fees
    • contact forms
    • sponsorship and donations
    • parent surveys
    • volunteer sign-up

    Collect Online Payments

    Our payment integration features allow you to easily process credit cards from your members direct from your site. Payments are processed through Paypal or other merchant accounts. Offer automatic monthly payment plans with PayPal PRO.

    Member Database

    Keep all your member data safe & secure online. Our form manager makes it easy for you to export, edit and search through all your stored information.

    Teampage online registration
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    Say goodbye to phone trees and missed practices

    Team communication is the key to a successful season.

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    Send Free SMS Text Messages and Email Blasts

    Keep all your members in the loop about updates to events or changes to schedules. Never have team members miss another game. Use read receipts to know exactly when your messages are received.

    Post News & Announcements

    Write news and announcements easily and share them with your entire organization. Display news items in the image slider on your home page.

    Team forums and discussion boards

    Open forums, discussion topics, and message boards. Choose whether to allow comments, show discussions publicly, and email your team!

    Up-to-date Game Scores & Standings

    Post the latest game scores and results in seconds. Easily track player statistics and progress throughout the entire season.

    Teampages team communication
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    Don’t let managing your team’s schedule get in the way!

    Scheduling tools to make everyone’s lives easier.

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    Automatic event reminders

    Set automatic email and SMS text message reminders for your scheduled events. Send messages to your players and parents hours, days, or weeks in advance.

    Attendance tracking

    See in advance who’s coming to your game or practice and track attendance over the entire season.

    Sync your calendar

    Easily sync your team’s calendar with iCal, Google Calendar, and Outlook. Whenever a schedule change is made on TeamPages, your personal calendar will be automatically updated.

    Locations and Directions

    Simply put in the street address and location of your event and TeamPages will automatically add a Google Map to your event page.

    Teampages schedules
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    Individual team sites under one roof

    Provide all of your coaches and managers with easy-to-use team websites

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    Unlimited Team Websites

    Easy-to-use team websites where coaches and managers can post schedules, scores and news. Every team website is networked under your organization website, giving you full control and ability to communicate with all memebers

    Access to all Features

    TeamPages provides a platform of easy-to-use features that let managers carry out their duties from home or on the field. Manage your schedule and roster, send messages, get maps and directions to games and practices. Get organized and spend more time playing.

    Unlimited Storage Space

    Photos, videos, documents, you name it! Teams can add that personal touch to every page and parents and players can look back on the great year they had with your organization.

    Teampages team websites
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    Manage your team on-the-go!

    Our mobile apps are available FREE for both iOS and Android.

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    Events & Schedules

    Add new events and send out event invitations. Track attendance and score games right from the field.

    Teams & Rosters

    Manage your teams and add roster members. View contact information for your players, parents, and coaches.


    Send and receive messages to one or many members of your team and participate in group chats.

    Push Notifications

    Send and receive push notifications about important updates like event changes or cancelled games.

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    Teampages Mobile Apps
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    We’re coaches and team managers too

    We are here to help you with whatever you need.

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    Friendly Customer Support

    Have a question? Email Whether it’s providing an online tutorial or giving suggestions for site improvements, we’re always here to help.

    OUR Community

    Over 50,000 teams, leagues, and clubs use TeamPages, and our community is constantly growing! You get access to our discussion forums and help site where you can interact with other TeamPages users!

    New Features & Designs

    We love hearing suggestions from our community and providing new features. Your website automatically gets updated with the new bells and whistles each month - no maintenance needed. Got an idea for a feature? Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

    Teampages support