Week 1

Posted by FOBS on Oct 15 2017 at 08:11PM PDT

Congrats on a successful week 1 outing, 3 Ws and 1 L gives stand in Captain Kilty a 75% win percentage. No pressure on returning player coach Barton for week 3.

Notable successes this week were Frisby not being outpaced by any lager than life participants, Murphy scoring a brace of tries from the wing to move his scoring rate up 200% on last season.

Black book offence – Messr Brennan being done on a show and go and then burnt for gas by unnamed female (who Frisby has called dibs on).

Great first outing considering big game players, Wright, Kirwan, McCullough and Barton were all out for varying reasons.

Congrats again to McCullough on his nuptials, another good man down!

Remember to confirm attendance on Teampage for next week.

H’up the FOBs and Mullinavat! Have a good week boys!


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