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Airbnb® Insurance Policy

Airbnb offers Host Protection Insurance that covers Airbnb hosts and even property owners globally. It mainly focuses on protecting the host and/or property owner against responsibility when claims are brought by third parties, like a next-door neighbor and including visitors that stay at the property. Coverage runs up to $1 million USD per occurrence in the event of building damages or injury.

Provided in the insurance coverage are common places like entrance halls or elevators. Airbnb insurance is primary liability insurance that shields the host, landlord or homeowners association from claims brought by a guest to cover things like damages to the property or an injury endured during their vacation in the residence. There are many points, nevertheless, that are not protected by Airbnb insurance.

The Airbnb Host Protection plan is just for liability as specified above. It does not include points such as residential property damage that is willful, instead of unintended. Nor does it protect building damages such as mold or air pollution. And it also does not address loss of revenues. So imagine if a flood or fire happens throughout a visitor's visit and you are unable to rent the room until mitigation is complete. Not having insurance coverage to compensate you for both damages to the building or loss of earnings can be devastating to your revenue.

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