What Made Meryl Streep Marry Another Man Just 6 Months After The Death Of The Love Of Her Life?

Posted by Landy Lee on Nov 26 2019 at 06:19AM PST

The mysterious death of Hollywood actress Natalie Wood is being investigated after 30 years. The mysterious death of Hollywood actress Natalie Wood is being investigated after 30 years. Washington. Two men, a woman, a sailboat off the coast of California. That was the experimental arrangement for a colorful evening, as 30 years ago, the actor couple Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood the professional colleagues of Christopher Walken on Thanksgiving weekend on their yacht “Splendour” invited. It was, as much as you know today, eaten well, been fighting a lot and even more drunk. The other day , it was 29. November 1981, was missing the only woman on Board. Wood, the daughter of Russian immigrants, and at the latest according to your ravishing rolls to the side of James Dean in “For they know not what they do” and as Maria in “West Side Story” in the Olympus of Hollywood feed, was recovered in the cold water in front of Santa Catalina, the celebrity island in front of Los Angeles, dead. Since then, many rumours of the death of the then 43 tendrils in books and articles-Year-old, whose beauty men are attracted magically. Nicholas Ray, the film’s Director, Dennis Hopper, Warren Beatty and Steve
McQueen, the actor, to include in their lovers-biography, to name just a few. Because walking is silent persistently and Wagner told over the years always again the same story (his wife, with whom he was twice married, had at some point left the small Private Party, the toilet visited, and was not returned), had stated the case in the archives already Patina. Solid marital discord as a cause of Woods ’ death? No one really wanted to question what had been found with dead Hollywood greats very familiar, then-coroner
Thomas Noguchi: death by Drowning, caused by an accident. But then the captain of the “Splendour”, Dennis Davern spoke, and remembered after three decades, according to reports on new details. What he said, did not want to tell Sheriff Lee Baca of the Los Angeles Times. But it must be very interesting have been, you could see in 2009 a book by Davern indicating a jealousy embossed solid marital conflict as a possible cause of Woods death. If the abrasions are to be rated to the poor, and in the face of the later, in a night shirt and down jacket in the sea found an actress so new? It was not suicide? The criminal investigations in one of the greatest mysteries of Hollywood,
so Sheriff Baca at a press conference in Los Angeles, will be included in soon to be officially back. The two most important crew members at the time, will have unpleasant issues can. On Saturday (19.) CBS is planning an exclusive report. Wagner, now 80, had his press agent to align its support to the authorities in full. Walking is silent. As always.


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