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Expository essay prompts can cover topics of any essay type, which needs detailed explanation

As most of the expository essay prompts relate to the chosen topic, it is essential to include as much logical information as possible, for making the essay interesting and absorbing to the reader. Such job of explaining the topic to the audience may take different shapes. For example, a cause and effect relationship will need informative details on the subject, while giving the background explanation of a certain situation that may have arisen due to a particular cause. Similarly, a compare and contrast essay will need explanation in the form of a comparison, between two identical situations or personalities that belong to the same profession or work area.

However, as each essay has a certain format, students should also look at essay outline to understand the structure of any paper. Also, going through sample essays while searching write my essay today can give the students an insight into the writing skills required to write on various topics.

While expository essay prompts can relate to various subjects, it is easier to write on any topic that is well known to the student as that will boost the confidence for writing on that particular issue. Nevertheless, this paper has listed below a few such prompts with a brief guideline for each.

Vote is your silent weapon to defeat the corrupt

Students can explain the value of the fundamental “right to vote”, within any democratic system. It is essential to remind the citizens that they can fight against the evils of the government and society by the simple act of voting. The importance of ballet, used in a collective manner does change the fate of republics for better or worse. Be sure to stress on the fact that each drop of water counts as a bucket is being filled up. Similarly, each vote counts as a small margin can tilt the balance of power.

Any important innovation

Students should include here those inventions that have changed the whole life style of the human society. For example, give detailed information on how the invention of an electric bulb brought light into our dark lives, centuries back. Similarly, the advantages of the modern computer technology can be given in detail, covering its affect on our daily work schedule.

While essence of all expository essay prompts is to give the explanatory information on the topic involved, students should research and collect sufficient data to present it in their essay. However, the skills of essay writing should also polished and practiced to write an excellent paper.

In this direction, students are advised to go through the personal essay also for knowing about different writing techniques.

Ideologies behind cold war

Students can expand this topic by giving the background of earlier world wars and the establishment of Governments based on communist and capitalist ideologies. Further, explain the reasons of division of the world based on such philosophies and finally the breakdown of USSR, the great communist power of earlier times. The resulting unification of Germany and new geographical boundaries coming up, because of the end of cold war, should be explained in detail.

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