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Posted by Toreldnal Denperard on Mar 02 2020 at 08:20PM PST

U.K (03-march-2020) Fraud prevention becomes a need of every business activity. There is a wide range of websites that are not trustworthy and become the reason for any fraud such as credit card, email, lotteries and much more. Some fraud people use various applications, phone numbers, Email for the fraudulent activity. Several websites are available on the internet which provides a safe and secure network and also prevents fraud. Some sites offer various functions that give a lot of information about fraud. Finding the fraud prevention system is considered as the most difficult task for any organization. SEON is one of the finest websites which provides a safe and secure system and prevents all the fraud. Many business organizations such as EUROBET, AVIS, ALBO, and many others use SEON for the prevention of fraud. It helps to improve the fraud detection rate and reduce the manual review time.

SEON is the one that prevents fraud in many sectors such as Banking, IGaming, Ecommerce, travel and ticketing, Online-lending, payment gateways and much more. It also provides an intelligent tool that increases fraud detection accuracy in a single click. The intelligence tool of SEON contains three modules such as Email, Phone and IP modules. Each module provides specific information about someone’s profile. The email risk assessment can be done by using social media profiles and domain verification tools. This module provides a wide collection of information regarding a fraudulent person. The email module also helps to check the creation date of the email address, the user’s real name, and even more. This module helps to generate the email risk score by using accurate data and help you to block the fraudulent person. Moreover, the Phone module helps to collect numerous data about the fraudulent user such as country, type, and much more.

The phone risk assessment is easily obtainable by using a single phone number and this module helps to know about the invalid phone numbers and detect the origin country, type, and carrier to examine the phone risk score. This module also helps to extract the important data such as last login, WhatsApp linked date and much more. Besides this IP module helps to reduce the fraud by detecting the location of the user. It detects the connection method to eliminate the risk or block the blacklisted spammers. SEON sense is another beneficial platform which specifically helps the businesses for fraud prevention. SEON is also helpful to track users of incognito browsing with the help of new methods. This website provides various blogs and resources which give information about fraud prevention. An individual can also apply for a free demo and experience the greatest service. People can use the SEON in two methods such as Intelligent-tool or Sense platform and these methods are available at a very reasonable price. Individuals with expectations to know about fraud prevention and other details can feel free to visit here.

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