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LoCo Opens 2012 3-2 for 4th Place

Posted by Robert Munday at Apr 17, 2012 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Lumber Company opened the 2012 season in the April 21st and 22nd Joliet USSSA "D" Qualifier.   The Lumber Company went 3-2 and finished the tourney 4th out of 22 teams.  The 4th place finish earned them a half paid state berth.  Scores of the Lumber Co. games were as follows.

  • Game 1: Lumber Co. 9, Seco 5
  • Game 2: Lumber Co. 9, Enemy of the State (OH) 4
  • Game 3: Bad Ponies 18, Lumber Co. 17
  • Game 4: Lumber Co. 23, Chi. Town (Cornerstone) 22
  • Game 5: Enemy of the State (OH) 5, Lumber Co. 3

The entire tournament's results can be viewed at the link below.

Lumber Co.'s next game is their Tuesday night JPD League opener on May 8th.

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Lumber Company 2012 Tournament Schedule

Posted by Robert Munday at Jan 20, 2012 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Lumber Company's 2012 tournament schedule is as follows. 

April 21st & 22nd - USSSA "D" Qualifier - Joliet, IL (3-2, 4th place)
June 2nd & 3rd - USSSA "D' Qualifier - Joliet, IL (2-2, 5th place)
June 8th - 9th - USSSA Major NIT - Joliet, IL (0-2)
June 10th - USSSA Major "D" Only Tourney - Joliet, IL (2-1, 2nd place)
July 14th - USSSA "D" Qualifier - Joliet, IL (4-2, 2nd place)
July 23rd - 27th - Joliet City Tournament (Open) - Joliet, IL  (0-2)
August 18th & 19th - USSSA "D" State - Joliet, IL  (6-0, 1st place - State Champs)
September 1st & 2nd - USSSA "D" National - Rockford, IL (1-2)

Lumber Co. opens play in the USSSA Great Lakes "D" National Tournament this weekend on Saturday, September 3rd in Rockford, IL at the Sportscore Diamonds on field #1 at 11:00am against M&L Distribution.  There are 37 team from 3 states (IL, IA and IN) in this weekend's National tourney.  The tourney is a 3 game gaurantee.  The entire bracket can be viewed by clicking ont he link below. 


Check back on Monday and see how the Lumber Co. makes out.

Lumber Company opens play Saturday, August 13th in the USSSA "D" State Tournament in St. Charles, IL at the East Side Sports Complex on field #2 at 12:00pm against Young Guns.  There are 35 teams in this weekend's "D" State Tournament.  Click the link below to view the entire bracket.

 Please check back on Monday to see how the Lumber Co. makes out. 


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Lumber Co. 7/23 USSSA "D" Qualifier Champs!!

Posted by Robert Munday at Jul 24, 2011 5:00PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Lumber Company went 4-1 in route to taking the 7/23 Joliet USSSA "D" Qualifier tourney crown.  For their 1st place effort the Lumcber Company won a paid bid ($325) to the USSSA "D" National Tournament held in Rockford, IL over Labor Day weekend.  The Lumber Company game scores were as follows.

  • Game 1: Lumber Co. 13, Disturbed 3
  • Game 2: Lumber Co. 15, Dynasty 8
  • Game 3: Lumber Co. 12, M&L 7
  • Game 4: M&L 12, Lumber Co. 6
  • Game 5: Lumber Co. 18, M&L 8

Click on the link below to see the enite tournament's results.

The tourney win was a great team effort by the LC.  Next up for the Lumber boys is the Joliet City Open Tourney, begining 7:30pm on Tuesday (7/26) against Barcode 52 on field #1.