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2004 Outdoor Team

Posted by Peter Manastyrsky at Jan 8, 2005 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
Thank you to the following donors who donated to the Silent Auction held June 26,they were: -Manitoba Soccer Association -A&B Sound-Pembina Hwy -Midtown Car Wash -Vend-Tec Group Ltd. -Pepsi Cola -4L Communications MTS -Hilmar Venture -Office Depot-Regent Ave -Two Rivers Brewing -Jumbo Video-Rendeer Crossing -Denny's Restaurant-Transcona -Black and McDonald Contractors -Rossmere Country Golf Club -Alliance Credit Union -Sport Mart-Pembina Hwy -Rogers Video-McLeod Ave -Sweat Shack -Carpathia Credit Union -George's Burgers and Subs -Talbot Service Station -Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Team Members
Our Club was one of 12 teams in the Premier division of the Manitoba Major Soccer League in 2004. Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club was established in 1994, since that time the Club has played a significant role throughout Manitoba. One of the main objectives is to surpass the previous years standings and achieve a level of excellence in the Premier division. In addition, it is the Clubs intention to attend and compete in major senior tournaments in or out of our province. Also another mjor goal is to focuc and foster youth developmental involvement in the game of soccer for the 2005 season. Therefore in order to continue our mission we require your support by becoming a sponsor of our Club to further enhance the image and development of Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club. As a result of entering into a formal relationship as a FRIEND with our Club, you as a sponsor can expect various types of benefits. in short, Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club will provide the sponsor "PUBLICITY" one of the benefits as much as possible in an effort to provide a real return on your contribution. For all donations made to Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club, you will be issued a receipt for income tax purposes.Our Club has been granted the endorsement and status to mutally conduct its administrative affairs under the auspices of Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Manitoba Provincial Council. We anticipate your support in the 2005 soccer season. Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club has 3 major ways (selection A,B or C)to pledge your donation: Type A. INDIVIDUAL SPONSORSHIP to the Club in affiliation and under the auspices of Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Manitoba Provincial Council, the amounts of: $175.00 PREMIER SPONSOR $150.00 PLATINUM PLUS SPONSOR $125.00 PLATINUM SPONSOR $100.00 GOLD SPONSOR $ 75.00 SILVER SPONSOR $ 50.00 BRONZE SPONSOR Your name will be placed on our website under the category you selected as a sponsor for one soccer season and an income tax receipt will be issued in the amount donated. Please see the HANDOUT section of this website (for donation Form A) or call the President of the Club or email us at / for further information about your donation. Type B. THE BUSINESS SPONSORHIP category as as follows: $200.00-$500.00 MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR $501.00-$750.00 ASSOCIATE CONTRIBUTOR $751.00-$1000.00 BENEFACTOR CONTRIBUTOR $1001.00-$1500.00 PATRON CONTRIBUTOR $1501.00-$2000.00 COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTOR 1) a monetary contribution of $200.00-$500.00 to the Club as a MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR, your name/business/company/organization will be placed on our website until the start of the next years season,HANDOUT (for Business Sponsorship Form B). 2) as a ASSOCIATE CONTRIBUTOR your name/business/company/organization or personal card will be placed on our Club website for 1 season as a contributor of $501.00-$750.00;click HANDOUT(for Business Sponsorship Form B). 3) as BENEFACTOR CONTRIBUTOR your business/company/organization name will be displayed on the Club website and on a set of jerseys for 1 season as a contributor of $751.00-$1000.00; click HANDOUT (for Business Sponsorship Form B). 4) as a PATRON CONTRIBUTOR your business/company/organization name card will be placed on the Club website and your name on the terms uniforms as a contributor of $1001.00-$1500.00 for 2 years; your name will always be part of our Team as a major contributor,click HANDOUT (for Business Sponsorship Form B). 5)as a COMMUNITY CONTRIBUTOR your business/company/organization name card will be placed on our website and your name as a contributor of $1501.00-$2000.00 will be placed on all of our Club sportwear for 2 seasons. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ABOUT ANY OF THE ABOVE CONTRIBUTI0NS PLEASE CALL THE PRESIDENT AT 669-3324. Type C. The third way to pledge your support is in a form of a KIND CONTRIBUTION to the Club, where the business/company/organization may donate goods or service/s to the Club for promotional use for a 1 season duration;the contribution will be mentioned on Club website also identifying the name of the donor(call or email the Club for further information). We hope that you will take the time to address this beneficial relationship to assist us in our endeavours. Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club will strive to provide value to the sponsor in return for any contribution you will make to us. If you have an interest to become a sponsor or if you have any questions please contact Peter J. Manastyrsky, President at (204)669-3324 or email to // Thank you in advance for your time and we look forward to hearing from you. WINNIPEG DYNAMO KYIV SOCCER CLUB WELCOMES THE MANITOBA COMMUNITY AND ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED TO BECOME A MEMBER -FRIEND- OF OUR DYNAMIC TEAM FOR THE 2005 OUTDOOR SEASON.
BENEFACTOR CONTRIBUTOR -MidTown CarWash 344 Gertrude Ave -A&B Sound Ltd,2195 Pembina Hwy MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR -New Paradise Restaurant Inc.,662 Leila Ave -Home Safe Home Environment Systems INDIVIDUAL SPONSORSHIP PLATIUM SPONSOR -Engenia and Wasyl Kucharsky -Canad Inns-Fort Garry Ltd., Pembina Hwy GOLD SPONSOR -Alexandra Nazarewich and Taras Maluzynsky -Stadacona Plaza-Nick Kushnier -Central Products & Foods Ltd. -William J. Spikula -Andrew W. Serray -Dr.Brian Lukie,MD -Nor-Villa Motor Hotel-Doug Chernican SILVER SPONSOR -Canadian Ukrainian Institute Prosvita Club BRONZE SPONSOR -Phyllis and Nestor Mudry -Dr.Fred Stambrook -Oksana and Lubomyr Shulakewych -Hon.Chief Justice Benjamin Hewak -Gloria and Dr.Bohdan Chemerynsky,MD -Carpathia Credit Union -Marianne Wawrykow -Steve Patrick,Realtor -Fred Mazeppa,CA -Dr.Lesia Kulbaba,DMD -Dave Chomiak,MLA & Minister of Health -Anne Iwonczyk -Maria and Dmytro Mazur -Helen and Peter Lostowsky -Cravats Tailors-Zenon Yakimyshyn -St.Peter & Paul Parish-Ukr. Catholic Church,Wpg. -Theodore M. Konyk -Allance Credit Union-Progress-Vera Branch -Olena and Patrick Garrity -Maria and Walter Sicinsky -Ukrainian Fraternal Society of Canada,Wpg. -North Winnipeg Credit Union -Tatiana and Prof. Ostap Hawaleshka -Dr.Andrew Chuchman,DMD CLUB SUPPORTORS -Ukrainian Literary Association-Peter Muzyka -Dr.and Mrs.S.Luhowy -Mihajlo Lepki -Fedor Iwanus -George Klos
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Posted by Peter Manastyrsky at Dec 24, 2004 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )
In order to continue our mission, we required community support. Our Club distributed placemats to restaurants throughout the city of Winnipeg in the thousands with the following names of sponsors in the placemat as shown below: THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATRONAGE -Harry Schellenberg, MLA for Rossmere,3-935 McLeod Ave -Martha Banias, Manager, Bon Voyage Travel, 1082 Main Street -Brian Petrynko,VP, Carpathia Credit Union, 3-950 Main Street -Dr.Mark Semchyshyn,DMD, Northgate Dental Centre,1399 McPhillips St. -Lew Figol,CEO, North Winnipeg Credit Union,310 Leila Ave -Mark Galarnyk, Galarnyk Insurance Agency, 696 McGregor St. -Jerry Woloshyn,CEO, Alliance Credit Union, 930 Jefferson Ave. -Myron Kurjewicz, Brothers Pharmacy,542 Selkirk Ave -Eileen Johnson, The Screening Shoppe,455 Selkirk Ave -Dr.Gerard Scott-Herridge, River East Chiropractic,1110 Henderson Hwy -Walter Kunkel, Metro Painting & Decorating, 1109 Roch Str. -Patricia Tyrchniewicz, Massage Therapist,3-1110 Henderson Hwy