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                                                   WINNIPEG DYNAMO KYIV SOCCER CLUB

                         The Club started in 1994 and the last year that it hosted a team was 2014. 

We thank all the players, coaches and staff members who were part of the 20 year era of Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club.

Please see our video     


CHECK OUT OUR 20 years of Soccer from 1994          YOUTUBE VIDEO    done by Cam Loeb.

MANITOBA MAJOR SOCCER LEAGUE       where Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club was a member for many years since 1994.


                                                 WINNIPEG DYNAMO KYIV SC ANNIVERSARY HAT

To commemorate the 20th year (1994-2013) of Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club an ANNIVERSARY HAT is available for the GENERAL PUBLIC. 

Also see our facebook at  to view the hat.

To purchase, call Peter at 204-781-7472.


                                                                   MY SITE NEWS

Please go to MY SITE NEWS on this website for the complete list of players from 1994 to 2014 who have played for

                                                 WINNIPEG DYNAMO KYIV SOCCER CLUB

                                                 and list of staff members from 1994 to 2014

                                          COMMEMORATING    20 YEARS AS A SOCCER CLUB.



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                                                       THANK YOU-DYAKUYU



                               WINNIPEG DYNAMO KYIV SOCCER CLUB

                      invites you to view our 10 year YOUTH TOURNAMENT

                                                         go to


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                                       THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT


These were the tournament SPONSORS who supported Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club and Ukraine Youth Co-ed Indoor Soccer Tournament.

                                        Thank you to:

                    CORPORATE SPONSORS

-Carpathia Credit Union-three Winnipeg locations-

-Birchwood KIA on Regent; Shayne Rankin, General Manager,

-Maurice and Victoria Lakusta and Shirley Lakusta-Coffey

-Central Products & Foods Ltd. Jerry Derzko, GM, 630 Nairn Avenue, Wpg.; 667-2981 

-Ukrainian Canadian Congress-Manitoba Provincial Council 

                     PREMIER SPONSORS

-Jeff Browaty, City Councillor for North Kildonan,

-Ross Eadie, Councillor for Mynarski Ward,

                       EMERALD SPONSORS

-Dr.Jerry Baluta, General Dentistry, 9-1575 Regent Ave. W.

-Dr. Joe Mezibroski, General Dentistry, 1300-1399 Portage Ave, 339-1738

                       DIAMOND SPONSOR

-Shurwood Forest Professional Tree Service, Doug Panchuk,

                      MAJOR SPONSORS

-Belgian-Alliance Credit Union, Darrell Penner, CEO

  1177 Portage Ave, Wpg,

-Boogies Diner & Sports Lounge, Derek Campbell, 1155 Main Street. Wpg.;586-6599

-St.Nicholas Men's Club, 737 Bannerman Ave. Wpg.

-Ronald Storozuk, Chartered Accountant,

                         GOLD SPONSOR

-Ukrainian Fraternal Society of Canada, 235 McGregor Street, Wpg.; 586-4482

                        BRONZE SPONSOR

-Gregg`s Insurance Agency Ltd. 865 McGregor St. or 919 Notre Dame Ave. 334-4000 and 774-4000

                         NICKEL SPONSOR

-Joanne Lewandosky, Winnipeg

-Paula Havixbeck, Acting Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Charleswood and Tuxedo Ward,

                         PARTICIPATION SPONSORS

-Fred Mazepa, Chartered Accountant, 1240 Henderson Hwy.

-Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood of Canada, Archeparchial Exe. 233 Scotia Street

-Candice and Joel Semeniuk, East St.Paul, MB

                           ADVERTISEMENT SPONSORS

-Bonnie Mithelson,MLA River East Constituency, McIvor Mall,

           1795 Henderson Hwy. 

-Erna Braun,MLA Rossmere, Unit 3-935 McLeod Ave.; 

-Ron Schuler, MLA Springfield and East St.Paul, 

        777 Cedar Ave, Box 150, Oak Bank, MB.;

-MLA's Gord MacIntosh, Dave Chomiak and Matt Wiebe.

                          GIFT IN KIND SPONSORS

-Seven Oaks Sports Shop, Martino Vergata, 725 Kingsbury Avenue, Wpg.;940-6119

     provided soccer balls for MVPs 

-Mayor Sam Katz, City of Winnipeg, 510 Main Street.

     provided city certificates and city pins 

-Red Card Soccer, John Albi, 211 Chancellor Matheson Road, Wpg.;478-1079

    Leo Paquette won the soccer gift basket donated by Red Card Soccer Sport Shop

-Stephen Walter Mical, Winnipeg

      provided plush hanging soccer balls

-Hilmar Venture, Trophies & Engraving, 833 Cavalier Dr. Wpg. 837-6660

      tournament trophy outlet 

-Sweat Shack, Christine O'Connor, 3 St.Anne's Rd. Wpg.; 254-2255

      provided gift certificates for team keepers 

-The Soccer Patch, Steve Schneider, 451 Collegiate St. Wpg. 283-5940

      provided wrist bands

-River East Chiropractic, Dr.Gerard Scott-Herridge, 3-1110 Henderson Hwy;334-3334

      donated the annual banner in 2003 

-Boston Pissa

      provided certificates and pizza vouchers for best sportsperson of each game 

                         THANK YOU TO ALL  SUPPORTERS    



               UKRAINE YOUTH CUP-Annual Tournament Co-ed Champions
                         2003 - Team Poltava
                         2004 - Team Poltava
                         2005 - Team Lviv
                         2006 - Team Poltava
                         2007 - Team Lviv 

                         2008 - Team Kyiv

                         2009- Team Odesa

                         2010- Team Poltava

                         2011- Team Odesa

                         2012-  Team Odesa


              Scroll up and read about Winnipeg Dynamo Kyiv Soccer Club History from 1994.       











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