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Gwynn Park Pulls off Come-back for the ages vs Douglass in 2016 2A south regional semi Capitol Hoops Basketball March 3, 2016 7:53 am Gwynn Park trailed in this game for more then 31 minutes, but it was in the final 60 seconds where they made winning plays. Senior F Isaiah Miles capped off the comeback with a 3-point play with 8.1 seconds left. GP trailed by 18 late in the first half. Cam Hayes played a whale of a game for Douglass scoring a game high 27 points.
MSA Top-25 boys basketball rankings: March 6th – March 12th

County: Prince George’s, 4A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, C.H. Flowers by 14, Sectional finals WIN, No. 18 Bowie by 12, Regional championship WIN, No. 23 Bladensburg by 5

Notable wins: Northwestern by 36, No. 3 Wise by 2, High Point by 26, La Plata by 44, Laurel by 36, DuVal by 36, Bladensburg by 31, No. 15 C.H. Flowers by 6, Suitland by 40, No. 25 Bowie by 4, High Point by 45, Laurel by 30, Bladensburg by 7, Parkdale by 40, C.H. Flowers by 14, No. 18 Bowie by 12, No. 23 Bladensburg by 5

Losses: DeMatha by 22, Bishop McNamara by 5, No. 25 Bowie by 3

2. New Town Titans (1) – 100 points (21-2) LW: 4 (+2)

County: Baltimore, 2A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, Owings Mills by 3, Sectional finals WIN, Randallstown by 8, Regional championship WIN, No. 22 Dunbar by 13

Notable wins: No. 9 Perry Hall by 4, Gilman by 2, Calvert Hall by 7, Whitman by 23, Carver A&T by 87, Western Tech by 34, Loch Raven by 20, Hereford by 37, No. 23 Dundalk by 5, Dulaney by 25, Owing Mills by 5, Pikesville by 37, Woodlawn by 16, No. 22 Dunbar by 13

Losses: No. 8 Poly by 12, Catonsville by 1

3. Gwynn Park Yellow Jackets – 97 points (24-2) LW: 7 (+4)

County: Prince George’s, 2A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, No. 25 Central by 7; Sectional finals WIN, No. 3 Douglass-PG by 3; Regional championship WIN, Westlake by 10

Notable wins: Northern by 29, Forestville by 20, Crossland by 16, Urbana by 18, No. 5 Douglass by 5, CMIT by 46, Crooms by 38, Central by 4, Tall Oaks by 27, Oxon Hill by 13, CMIT by 57, Oxon Hill by 17, Fairmont Heights by 27, No. 25 Central by 7, No. 3 Douglass-PG by 3, Westlake by 10

Losses: No. 17 Largo by 2, No. 2 Eleanor Roosevelt by 9

4. Perry Hall Gators – 87 points (21-3) LW: 11 (+7)

County: Baltimore, 4A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, Catonsville by 25; Sectional finals WIN, Dulaney by 10; Regional championship WIN, Springbrook by 2

Notable wins: Bel Air by 33, Hereford by 32, No. 23 Dundalk by 5, Arlington Baptist by 54, Hereford by 27, Dulaney by 22, Chesapeake by 24, No. 8 Poly by 2, Towson by 22, Overlea by 20, Catonsville by 25, Springbrook by 2

Losses: No. 6 New Town by 4, Kenwood by 5

5. Douglass Eagles – 96 points (20-2) LW: 3 (-2)

County: Prince George’s, 2A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, No. 17 Largo by 6; Sectional finals LOSS, No. 7 Gwynn Park by 3

Notable wins: No. 8 Poly by 16, Northwestern by 43, No. 24 Crossland by 14, Clinton Christian by 26, No. 14 Largo by 13, Fairmont Heights by 57, Forestville by 22, Croom by 76, No. 22 Crossland by 22, Surrattsville by 26, Central by 23, Tall Oaks by 56, CMIT by 73, CMIT by 60, No. 17 Largo by 6

Losses: No. 2 Gwynn Park by 5, No. 7 Gwynn Park by 3

6. Seneca Valley Screamin’ Eagles – 83 points (21-4) LW: 15 (+9)

County: Montgomery, 3A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, Westminster by 6; Sectional finals WIN, Oakdale by 15; Regional championship WIN, No. 16 Tuscarora by 2

Notable wins: No. 20 Bethesda-Chevy Chase by 2, Rockville by 30, South Hagerstown by 26, Wheaton by 22, Northwood by 23, Watkins Mill by 32, Damascus by 40, Clarksburg by 12, Northwest by 22, No. 23 Gaithersburg by 7, Damascus by 33, Poolesville by 27, Blake by 20, No. 16 Tuscarora by 2

Losses: No. 18 Springbrook by 13, Sherwood by 8, No. 20 Tuscarora by 7, No. 9 Quince Orchard by 17

7. Dr. Henry A. Wise Pumas  – 81 points (15-4) LW: 2 (-5)

County: Prince George’s, 4A

Last week: Sectional semifinals LOSS, No. 18 Bowie by 2

Notable wins: Miller by 9 (Va.), DuVal by 47, Kent County by 22, West Charlotte (N.C.) by 21, No. 15 C.H. Flowers by 38, Suitland by 52, Bladensburg by 13, Parkdale by 34, No. 25 Bowie by 1, No. 24 Bowie by 3, Laurel by 41, No. 16 C.H. Flowers by 14, Bladensburg by 7, Northwestern by 25

Losses: DeMatha by 13, No. 1 Eleanor Roosevelt by 2, Riverdale Baptist by 2, No. 18 Bowie by 2

8. Middletown Knights – 70 points (20-5) LW: 20 (+12)

County: Frederick, 2A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, Walkersville by 26; Sectional finals WIN, Williamsport by 10; Regional championship WIN, No. 6 Oakland Mills by 1

Notable wins: Oakdale by 5, Urbana by 18, No. 21 Tuscarora by 3, Smithsburg by 25, Catoctin by 24, Catoctin by 42, South Carroll by 23, Walkersville by 26, No. 6 Oakland Mills by 1

Losses: No. 7 Linganore by 25, North Hagerstown by 20, Walkersville by 3, North Hagerstown by 2, No. 9 Linganore by 4

9. Oakland Mills Scorpions – 68 points (21-3) LW: 6 (-3)

County: Howard, 2A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, Liberty by 39; Sectional finals WIN, Winters Mills by 34; Regional championship LOSS, No. 20 Middletown by 1

Notable wins: Wilde Lake by 24, Mt. Hebron by 25, Howard by 35, Centennial by 3, Glenelg by 37, No. 11 Hammond by 6, Winters Mill by 9, River Hill by 20, Atholton by 46, Reservoir by 47, No. 25 Centennial by 9, Mt. Hebron by 40, Howard by 18, River Hill by 34, Long Reach by 23, Wilde Lake by 25, Liberty by 39, Winters Mill by 34

Losses: Glenelg Country by 11, No. 11 Hammond by 3, No. 20 Middletown by 1

10. Baltimore Polytechnic Engineers – 67 points (19-4) LW: 5 (-5)

County: Baltimore City, 3A

Lat week: Sectional semifinals LOSS, Woodlawn by 12

Notable wins: No. 6 New Town by 12, Edmondson-Westside by 31, St. Maria Goretti by 10, No. 17 Baltimore City College by 23, Patterson by 16, Chaminade-Julienne (Oh.) by 3, Patterson by 13, No. 17 City by 9, Dunbar by 15, No. 18 Lake Clifton by 9, Digital Harbor by 25, No. 24 Lake Clifton by 21, No. 21 Dunbar by 21

Losses: No. 5 Douglass (PG) by 16, Capitol Christian Academy by 3, No. 9 Perry Hall by 2, Woodlawn by 12

11. Quince Orchard Cougars – 54 points (20-3) LW: 8 (-3)

County: Montgomery, 4A

Last week: Sectional semifinals LOSS, Clarksburg by 2

Notable wins: Wootton by 23, No. 18 Springbrook by 11, Avalon by 45, Frederick by 29, Gaithersburg by 3, Poolesville by 55, Seneca Valley by 17, Damascus by 43, Gaithersburg by 31, Watkins Mill by 29, Poolesville by 32, Clarksburg by 2, No. 16 Tuscarora by 6

Losses: No. 20 Bethesda-Chevy Chase by 1, Clarksburg by 3, Clarksburg by 1

12. Tuscarora Titans – 53 points (19-5) LW: 16 (+4)

County: Frederick, 3A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, North Hagerstown by 12; Sectional finals WIN, No. 9 Linganore by 13; Regional championship LOSS, No. 15 Seneca Valley by 2

Notable wins: Seneca Valley by 7, Oakdale by 7, Catoctin by 43, No. 7 Linganore by 5, Washington (W.V.) by 29, No. 9 Linganore 13

Losses: No. 19 Middletown by 3, No. 7 Linganore by 8, Frederick by 7, No. 8 Quince Orchard by 6, No. 15 Seneca Valley by 2

13. Walt Whitman Vikings – 50 points (17-9) LW: NR

County: Montgomery, 4A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, No. 20 BCC by 1; Sectional finals WIN, Blair by 15; Regional championship WIN, Clarksburg by 1

Notable wins: Northwood by 28, Landon by 4, No. 19 Bethesda Chevy-Chase by 11, No. 14 Richard Montgomery by 1, No. 19 Bethesda Chevy-Chase by 1, Clarksburg by 1

Losses: Georgetown Prep by 9, No. 20 Bethesda Chevy-Chase by 4, No. 6 New Town by 23, St. John’s (N.Y.) by 3, Richard Montgomery by 6, Wootton by 8, Churchill by 1, Wootton by 13

14. Linganore Lancers – 48 points (22-2) LW: 9 (-5)

County: Frederick, 3A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, South Hagerstown by 19; Sectional finals LOSS, No. 16 Tuscarora by 13

Notable wins: No. 19 Middletown by 25, Catoctin by 49, Walkersville by 47, South Hagerstown by 23, No. 21 Tuscarora by 8, South Lakes (Va.) by 4, Cesar Chavez (D.C.) by 7, Oakdale by 8, Urbana by 28, Winters Mill by 10, Brunswick by 25, Oakdale by 2, Frederick by 28, Westminster by 39, North Hagerstown by 19, No. 18 Middltown by 4

Losses: No. 20 Tuscarora by 5, No. 16 Tuscarora by 13

15. Hammond Golden Bears – 48 points (19-3) LW: 10 (-5)

County: Howard, 3A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, Atholton by 6; Sectional finals LOSS, Stephen Decatur by 2

Notable wins: Howard by 23, Centennial by 14, Atholton by 24, Marriotts Ridge by 33, Randallstown by 21, Digital Harbor by 47, Long Reach by 22, No. 4 Oakland Mills by 3, Centennial by 6, Marriotts Ridge by 26

Losses: No. 4 Oakland Mills by 6, Mt. Hebron by 1, Dunbar by 18, Stephen Decatur by 2

16. Bowie Bulldogs – 46 points (12-9) LW: 18 (+2)

County: Prince George’s, 4A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, No. 2 Wise by 2; Sectional finals LOSS, No. 1 Eleanor Roosevelt by 2

Notable wins: Polytech (Del.) by 22, Parkdale by 45, High Point by 22, Northwestern by 25, No. 1 Eleanor Roosevelt by 3, No. 2 Wise by 2

Losses: National Collegiate Prep by 7, No. 14 Largo by 3, No. 3 Wise by 1, Roosevelt (D.C.) by 3, No. 1 Eleanor Roosevelt by 4, Maret (D.C.) by 6, No. 5 Wise by 3, Bladensburg by 2, No. 1 Eleanor Roosevelt by 3

17. Lake Clifton Lakers – 45 points (16-10) LW: NR

County: Baltimore City, 1A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, Reginald Lewis by 5; Sectional finals WIN, New Era by 1; Regional championship WIN, Ben Franklin by 12

Notable wins: New Era Academy by 30, FAET by 38, Dunbar by 1, Patterson by 1, KASA by 35, KASA by 46

Losses: Woodson by 5, Edmondson-Westside by 3, No. 17 City by, Mervo by 6, Edmondson-Westside by 9, No. 19 City by 4, No. 8 Poly by 9, No. 8 Poly by 21, Patterson by 3

18. Frederick Douglass Mighty Ducks – 41 points (19-2) LW: 12 (-6)

County: Baltimore City, 3A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, City by 10; Sectional finals LOSS, Woodlawn by 10

Notable wins: Bluford Drew Jemison by 28, Joppatowne by 4, KASA by 32, NAF by 26, Forest Park by 34, NAF by 25, Southwestern by 22, Mervo by 23, Ben Franklin by 13, City by 10

Losses: Ben Franklin by 4, Woodlawn by 10

19. Surrattsville Hornets – 23 points (15-10) LW: NR

County: Prince George’s, 1A

Last week: Sectional semifinals WIN, McDonough by 29; Sectional finals WIN, Forestville by 19; Regional championship WIN, Patterson Mill by 8

Losses: Central by 1, No. 20 Bethesda-Chevy Chase by 6, Central by 4, Oxon Hill by 12, Potomac by 9, No. 2 Gwynn Park by 13, No. 4 Douglass by 26, No. 17 Largo by 15, Oxon Hill by 9, Friendly by 12

Season ends in 2A South final at Gwynn Park for Westlake boys basketball By AJ MASON Updated Mar 5, 2016 BRANDYWINE – Each of the past two seasons the Westlake boys basketball program had captured regional championships in the Class 3A South en route to two straight state final appearances. Despite a whole new starting lineup this season, the Wolverines found themselves back in the regional championship game, this time in the 2A South bracket on Friday night at Gwynn Park of Prince George's County. However, Westlake's playoff run came to an abrupt end at the hands of the Yellow Jackets, who used a balanced offensive attack and aggressive defense en route to a 79-69 victory in front of a packed home crowd. Gwynn Park (24-2 overall), which came off a 68-65 comeback victory over county foe Douglass two nights prior, punched its ticket to the 2A state tournament March 11 where it will take on Baltimore County's New Town. “First off, all our league in the county prepared us for this moment,” said Gwynn Park head coach Mike Glick, whose lone losses were to county opponents Douglass and Largo. “So we've been through every case scenario possible. We are the definition of a team and our kids believed and a different player steps up tonight.” Gwynn Park had four players in double figures as junior guard Justin Faison led all scorers with 27 points, scoring 18 in the second half. Senior guard Marlon White finished with 18 points, scoring 14 points in the first half. Seniors Isaiah Miles and Kollin Mitchell finished with 13 and 10 points, respectively, in the victory. “When [Westlake] went up one point in the third quarter, coach just told me to take over just like the Douglass game,” Faison said. “He believes in me to take over at the point guard position, so that is what I did. This is my first time on varsity this year and I'm already going to a state tournament. I will never forget this moment.” Trailing 39-31 at halftime, Westlake gave the Yellow Jackets all it could handle, starting the third quarter on a 14-5 run to go up 46-45 with 4 minutes 50 seconds left. However, Gwynn Park delivered with a run of its own, outscoring the Wolverines 12-1 to take a 58-46 lead with two minutes left, forcing several Westlake turnovers that led to easy baskets in transition. Gwynn Park went on to take a 62-52 lead entering the fourth quarter. In the final period, the Yellow Jackets went up by as many as 16 points to pull away. Junior guard Everett Mouton collected a team-high 18 points to lead Westlake. After Mouton hit one of his six threes to bring the Wolverines to within 41-39 with six minutes to go in the third, Glick and the Yellow Jackets went to a box-and-one defense to slow down the sharpshooting Mouton. “I think what it did was get him [Mouton] out of the flow of the offense,” Glick said. “We knew he was the primary scorer and we got him out of the game in terms of good looks.” Westlake was also led by juniors Amir Lawrence with 17 points and Jeff Simmons with 15 in the losing effort. On the difference in the game, head coach Edward Mouton Sr. said, “We got stagnant on offense and got cold in the third and fourth quarter and couldn't get the ball in the basket. “[Gwynn Park] got a lot of leak-outs and easy baskets. Once they went box-and-one on Everett and didn't let him see the ball that was the difference.” Gwynn Park jumped out to a 15-4 lead in the first quarter, but Westlake went on a 10-0 run to come to within one point entering the second. The Wolverines finished with a 19-5 record on the season. Westlake senior forward Jamal Murphy blocks a shot attempt by Gwynn Park senior guard Aaron Parker in Friday night's Class 2A South Region championship game at Gwynn Park High School in Brandywine. Gwynn Park won the contest 79-69. Gwynn Park junior guard Justin Faison is trapped in the corner by Westlake's Amir Lawrence, left, and Everett Mouton in Friday night's Class 2A South Region championship game at Gwynn Park High School in Brandywine. Gwynn Park won the contest 79-69 Westlake junior forward Amir Lawrence drives to the basket as Gwynn Park's Kollin Mitchell trails from behind in Friday night's Class 2A South Region championship game at Gwynn Park in Brandywine. Gwynn Park won the contest 79-69.

Boys’ basketball Top 20: H.D. Woodson completes perfect season; state semifinals on deck in Maryland, Virginia

 March 7 at 1:20 PM

1. H.D. Woodson (33-0) Last week: 1

The Warriors became the first city public school to finish a season undefeated since 1985 when they beat Friendship Collegiate, 60-47, to win the DCSAA championship Sunday.

2. St. John’s (28-4) LW: 2

The Cadets were knocked out of the DCSAA quarterfinals by Friendship Collegiate in a 77-70 loss. The WCAC champs will resume play at this week’s Alhambra tournament.

3. National Christian (28-2) LW: 3

The Eagles lost to Legacy Charter (S.C.), 55-52, in the USA National Prep Basketball championship on a buzzer-beating three-pointer.

4. DeMatha (28-5) LW: 4

The defending Maryland Private Schools champion downed Good Counsel and Riverdale Baptist to set up a matchup with Capitol Christian in Monday’s tournament final.

5. Eleanor Roosevelt (22-3) LW: 5

The Raiders needed double overtime to get past Bladensburg, 59-54, in the Maryland 4A South final and advanced to face Perry Hall in Thursday’s state semifinals.

6. Potomac (Va.) (25-2) LW: 6

Four players hit double figures as the Panthers cruised past Norview, 72-57, in Saturday’s Virginia 5A state quarterfinals. They face Albemarle in Tuesday’s semifinals.

7. Westfield (24-3) LW: 8

The Bulldogs bounced back from their region final loss, blowing past then-No. 12 Hylton, 67-49, to advance to the Virginia 6A state semifinals for the second straight year.

8. Gwynn Park (24-2) LW: 10

The Yellow Jackets won their first Maryland 2A South region title since 2011 in a 79-69 victory over Westlake and will face New Town in the 2A state semifinals Friday.

9. Episcopal (25-4) LW: 11

The IAC champion capped its season with a second crown by defeating Paul VI, 67-63, in Saturday’s Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association Division I final.

10. Wakefield (25-2) LW: 13

The Warriors fended off Deep Run, 50-48, to advance to their second Virginia 5A state semifinal in the last three years, where they will face L.C. Bird on Tuesday.

No. 10 Gwynn Park pulls away from Westlake, wins 2A South By Mark Giannotto March 4 at 11:24 PM ? The celebration was on in Brandywine, and Gwynn Park junior Justin Faison stood to the side watching his teammates line up to cut down the nets when the reason why this was all happening came to him. The Yellow Jackets are “the definition of a team,” Coach Mike Glick would say later, with a roster full of potential leading scorers who don’t actually care who scores the most in any given game. Such was the case again as No. 10 Gwynn Park pulled away from Westlake after halftime for a 79-69 win in the Maryland 2A South region boys’ basketball final Friday night. The Yellow Jackets simply had too many options, and it’s why they’re headed back to the Maryland 2A state semifinals for the first time since 2011. They will face New Town, which won the Maryland 2A North region title, next Friday at the University of Maryland’s Xfinity Center. “It’s just a blessing to have this many great players with me,” Faison said. The contributors in this latest triumph varied from quarter to quarter. First came a 10-point barrage by forward Isaiah Miles as Gwynn Park (24-2) built an early double-digit lead. Senior guard Marlon White followed with his own second-quarter flurry, scoring 11 of his 18 points in a matter of minutes to keep the Yellow Jackets ahead going into halftime. Behind a strong second half, the No. 10 Yellow Jackets defeated the Wolverines 79-69 to take the Maryland 2A South region title (Video by Matt Kelliebrew for Synthesis/Koubaroulis LLC./The Washington Post) Faison (27 points) then applied the finishing touches, attacking the basket at will once junior Everett Mouton got Westlake (20-5) to within one point by nailing consecutive three-pointers to start the second half. By the time Gwynn Park was done, it had broke open the game with a 12-1 run and eventually widened the lead to 74-55 in the fourth quarter. “They came out and tried to give it their best shot, and we had to let them know it wasn’t happening,” White said. “I love this team so much. We have so much diversity. It’s like every game it’s everybody’s game at the same time.” A strategic defensive change by Glick also helped. He turned to the same box-and-one defense that worked so well in crunch time when the Yellow Jackets beat No. 7 Douglass on Wednesday to slow down Mouton (15 points). More than anything, though, they were just a group of veterans who took their lumps in previous seasons and came out more resilient this winter as a result. And they did it all together. “I don’t think anybody had us winning this region at the beginning of the year, and you know what,” Glick said. “We believed in ourselves.” ? HUNTINGTOWN 52, MAGRUDER 46: The Hurricanes are headed to the state semifinals for the first time after coming from behind in the fourth quarter to beat the Colonels during a back-and-forth 3A South final in Calvert County. Point guard Brandon Easton (16 points) put Huntingtown up for good with less than two minutes remaining in regulation.