About Us

The Lincoln Dodgers first began providing Lincoln area youth an opportunity to play select baseball in 1997. Like many organizations we started with just 1 team and because of our success, reputation and philosophy built up to a total of 17 teams. That first team was runner up to State as 13’s and won State in 2001. Since then we’ve won and additional 17 State Championships and 18 State runner up. We’ve also won 5 World Series.
Through the years we’ve had countless players go on to play at the high school level and even college. We’re also very proud to say that we have 2 player currently playing for Major League organizations.

To achieve this success our philosophy has been very simple, teach our players proper mechanics, be mentally prepared, do well in school and show good sportsmanship. Inevitably, players want to win and we want to win as well. In the end, our success on the field is a reflection of how well we develop our players, working with them to reach their potential. As coaches, we have the added responsibility of knowing the game and doing our best to put our team in a position to win. As an organization and as a coach we’ve done our job when our players go on to make their high school teams, and for some beyond that.

This year we’re VERY proud to have 5 previous Dodger’s players that are playing for the Nebraska High School State Championship. Good luck guys!


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Bob Bade

President / Athletic Director

I’ve coached select baseball since 1995. In that time I’ve won 2 State Championships, 2 State runner up and won a World Series. I’ve also had the privilege of coaching a National All-Star team. I take a lot of pride in teaching players proper mechanics, being mentally prepared, good sportsmanship and emphasizing doing well in school.