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Hello everyone,

Only 5 more nights until we leave!

This is a very long email, but it contains important information regarding our BC Tour. Please read it all!
1. Flight information + what to wear on the flight
2. Hotel information
3. Packing list
4. Itinerary
5. Emergency Action Plan including contact information coaches

1. Flight information

April 20 WS 209 – Departure Calgary at 7 am ; Arrival Victoria at 7:32 am

April 22 WS 154 – Departure Victoria at 7:30 pm ; Arrival at Calgary at 9:50 pm


Please wear your long-sleeved red Astros shirt with black pants (your Astros sweats or other black pants), and you can put your Astros sweat-shirt over top as well if you want to stay warm ;-)

2. Hotel Information

We are staying at the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel and Suites in downtown Victoria.
Address: 777 Douglas St. Victoria, BC, V8W 2B5
Phone: 1-250-940-3100

3. Packing list

- Field hockey stick ;-)
- Big garbage bag (to put your bag pack in when it rains)
- Red and black socks (please bring extra pairs of socks in case of rain!!)
- Black skirt/skort (if you don’t have this, bring black shorts)
- Uniform jersey
- Mouth guard
- Shin guards
- Turf shoes + runners
- flip flops
- small towel
- EMPTY water bottle (we will fill it up after going through customs)
- Small bottle of sunscreen (<100mL)
- Hat/ Toque
- Medications
- Toiletries (incl feminine products if it will be that time of the month)
- PJs
- Labeled mesh bag for laundry of stinky socks and shirts (Jose will bring the detergent)
- Wallet+ ID (Driver’s/Learners license if you have), Max $40-50 spending money if you want to buy a little souvenir.
- Clothes for 3 days of field hockey and a set of normal clothes.
- Camera/phone + charger
- Bring packed food + snacks for your second breakfast in the plane or at airport Victoria.

Please put all fluids (Bottles < 100 mL) in a clear 1L ziplock bag and pack it such that it is easy for you to take out of your carry-on bag to go through customs.
If you want to bring your stick bag, fold it flat into your carry-on. All the sticks will go into a big bag that we will check in.

4. Itinerary

5:45am – Meet at the airport Westjet Departures
7:00am – YYC to Victoria
7:35am – Arrive Victoria and snack (athletes will be responsible for their own snacks)
8:15am – Bus to Hotel – Information Session 1 (Time Management & Goals) B/SB
HOTEL- DOUBLE TREE by HILTON – 777 Douglas Street, Victoria (250-940-3100)
9:30am – Information Session 2 (Rules) MA/S
10:15am – Fit Break and snack – SB
10:30am – Information Session 3 (Nutrition) SB
11:15pm – Information Session 4 (Injury Prevention, Hydration and First Aid) S
12:30pm – Bus to UVic (need to have all playing gear)
1:00pm – Lunch TBD
2:00pm – Meet Student Centre – University Tour (2:15-4:00pm – Tour/Admissions)
4:00pm – Snack
5-7:00pm – Practice UVic
7:00pm – Cool down and dinner TBD at UVic
8:15pm – Bus to hotel – 9:00pm – snack – 10:00pm – Lights Out

7:30am – Breakfast
8:30am – Bus to Uvic (need to have all gear)
9:30-11:00am – Guest coach practice on field turf.
11:30pm – Lunch at Uvic. Team bonding. Information Session 5 (Stretching) SB
1:00pm –1:45pm – Information Session 6 (Health in Sports) Jose
2:15pm –3:15pm – Information Session 7 (Game Strategy/Prep) S/K PLUS WARMUP
3:20pm – Games UVic
5:15pm – Cool down
5:45pm – Bus to Hotel and snack
7:05pm – Dinner TBD – downtown Victoria
8:30pm – Study time, relax and disconnect
9:45pm – Room check
10:00pm – Lights-Out

8:00am – Breakfast and check-out
9:35am – Bus to Mill Bay – Brentwood School (45-60min travel time)
11:00am – Team activity
12:15PM – Leave for fields in Duncan
12:30pm-3pm – Mini tournament in Duncan
3:00pm – Back to Brentwood School for change and airport prep
3:45pm – Bus to Victoria airport. Must be there at 6:00pm DINNER ON THE WAY
7:30pm – Victoria to Calgary –WS 0154
9:50pm – Arrive Calgary International Airport

5. Emergency Action Plan (EAP)-ASTROS FIELD HOCKEY CLUB

This Emergency Action Plan covers the specific communication actions that managers/coaches traveling with the team must follow.

a. Parents – in the case of an emergency situation in Calgary:

contact: Maryanne Umbsaar (403) 560-6691

Maryanne will discuss the situation with you and develop an action and follow-up plan for you and your daughter. This will include arranging the appropriate time and situation to convey information to the athlete. The athlete will then be directed to contact home for more details.

Coaches – in case of an accident on the field. First responders will be Jose and Maryanne. Once the injury has been assessed, the communication stream will be determined.
- Minor cut, nick or bruise – athlete will communicate to parents
- Major sprain, strain or break – coach will communicate to parents
- Concussion – coach will communicate to parents

c. Team Updates
The team will be posting on TeamPages daily. The team itinerary will also be posted on this site.

d. * Additional information*
Team coaches will be updating Verla of all activities and actions. She will be listed as the team main emergency contact in Calgary.

You are encouraged to have as much contact with your daughter as you would like. Phones use will not be permitted during on field times and at meals.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
While we are on the trip, and it is not an emergency, the best way to
communicate with us will be to send a text message or email.
In case of an emergency, of course, please phone.

Maryanne – (403) 560-6691

Jose – (403) 305-0769

We are looking forward to a weekend full of field hockey and excitement!

See you all soon!

Sharon Bhola – Astros Tour Head Coach
Sandra Smith- Astros Coach
Kristen Murray- Astros Coach
Jose Esposito-Festen – Astros Coach
Maryanne Umbsaar- Umpire / Manager
Verla Wong – Astros Club President


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