Posted by Johanna Esposito-Festen on Mar 27 2018 at 09:22PM PDT in 2018 Outdoor

Hello Astros U18 Players and Parents,

Are you getting excited for the tour at the end of April?

We have a very exciting itinerary planned and are in the process of finalizing the last few details. We have booked flights, accommodations, and transportation.
We anticipate that everything will be confirmed by the end of this week. April 20-22 will be a busy and fun weekend for the team.
The group will be divided in 2 teams and they will be playing and practicing at the super-fast water turf of the University of Victoria.

Please have another read through the information Booklet, which you can find under the DOCUMENTS tab of TeamPages-

Please print the Medical form and Code of Conduct (in the information booklet and/or under the DOCUMENTS tab) and bring it signed and completed to the first TOUR PRACTICE on Monday April 9 at the VIPER DOME, or scan and email them to Maryanne at

These 2 documents are required for you to come on the Tour and, thus, are VERY IMPORTANT. Maryanne and Jose will be collecting them on April 9.

We require the final payment for each participating athlete. A separate email will be send out this week to the individual athletes with the remaining balance to be paid, which differs per athlete depending on the fundraising they have done.
We are aware that the “Blue Grass Fundraiser” is still on-going (hope the selling is going well, we sooooo want Spring to come and plant flowers!!!).
Once we are back from the Tour and all the bills are paid and the total cost is clear, we will send out a report with a break down of all the cost, including all receipts, and whatever the balance is will be transferred back to you.

Please make cheques payable to Astros Club or e-Transfer to “” and use “club name” and “astros” for the question and answer.

Please feel free to contact us if you have additional questions. Maryanne and Jose will be hanging around at the side of the field in the VIPER DOME during practices to answer questions as well.

Thank you for being part of the Astros U18 Development tour!

Sharon Bhola – Astros Tour Head Coach
Sandra Smith- Astros Coach
Kristen Murray- Astros Coach
Jose Esposito-Festen – Astros Coach
Maryanne Umbsaar- Umpire / Manager
Verla Wong – Astros Club President


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