Online gambling may dominate the real casinos in a few years.

Posted by Vivek Kumar on May 08 2019 at 02:45AM PDT

As per the latest reports, online casinos have been gaining popularity among all ages worldwide. Gambling online generated more than 80 billion dollars in the previous year, and the number is still increasing. As more casinos are getting legalized in most regions of the world, the online market is expecting to see exponential growth in the next few years. Many major regions in the Asia Pacific have legalized online casinos like Singapore, Malaysia, and Philipines, etc.

Western countries generate the highest revenue in online gambling, but in recent years, Asia Pacific seems to be catching up with the gambling trend. China is still the most prominent gambling market across the region in Asia. The revenue of online gambling is expected to reach $100 billion by 2022. Introduction of online casinos for mobile has attracted many players in the past years. Mobile is still widely used for betting in most regions of the world, about $600 billion is placed on sports. The previous football world cup hit a record of highest bets placed on a single event with more than $36 billion profit in the market.

In a recent survey, many participants responded that lacking access to gambling houses in most regions is one of the primary cause of limited gamblers; however, portable gambling has given easy access to gambling. It was also reported that online gambling is much safer as people can hide their information and did not have to worry about robbery and theft. As technology has advanced in recent years, money transaction has become secure and cyber attacks cases rarely happened. Along with refund policies in case of hacks. Many sites have gained trusts of customers. For more information please visit

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