First Game

Posted by Rayna Buglioni on Apr 01 2017 at 11:28AM PDT

Hi Girls!

Great Game today! Considering it was our first game as a team (and some of your first game ever) I was very impressed with all of you.
During the next couple of weeks at practice we will spend some time working with positioning, passing, and the other things I talked about during half time (channeling, flat stick tackling etc) to bring our gameplay to the next level.

Again, just a reminder that if you are unable to attend either a practice or a game please let Kaila or myself know ASAP via TeamPages (or email/text). Knowing who is able to make it ahead of time really helps us out, since we do plan our practices and lineup ahead of time based on the number of girls we have coming. Additionally, if we don’t have enough girls who can make it for a game, it gives us the chance to call girls up from other teams to help us out.

Thanks Everyone! I’ll see you at practice on Tuesday!

Rayna Buglioni


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