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CSSA Mobile Website

Posted by Dewey Hom at Oct 2, 2019 10:34AM PDT

I have put in a help ticket for the Mobile App.
It is not working at this time.

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Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association at Sep 24, 2019 4:12PM PDT

CSSA Board of Directors Meeting September 2, 2019
Present: Norm Thiem, Bob Werner, John Humeston, Robbie Crider, Bob Hammond, Randy Bergman, Dewey Hom, Darrell Moreland, Dick O’Conner and Leland Brown
Absent: Mike Parson, Ray Deluca
Meeting called to order at 6:30pm by Norm Thiem
Financial report was not ready at this time.
Old Business:
• Discussed what to do about managers and/or players not turning money in on time. What do we need to fix process. It was brought up to enforce “No pay No play”
• Discussed the use of Constant Contact and how we can use it more efficiently. It was brought up to have a training session.
• Sponsor update: Still have 2 teams not paid. Ray still working on this.
Banquet update: Will take place on Thursday, November 14th, at Findley Farmstead, Canton, Georgia. Ray Deluca is working to finalize menu. Tickets will go on sale soon. Price will be $25 and you will also receive a CSSA 25th Anniversary hat. Tickets for spouse will be $15. Sponsors will not get a hat with their ticket. There will be additional hats available for $10.

New business:
Arnold Fowler Award – In 1997, the Board of Directors recognized there was more important things than batting average, home runs and RBI’s. It was decided to honor one player, chosen by his peers, who demonstrates the quality of integrity, dedication, teamwork, and other intangibles to a high degree. The first player to receive this award was Arnold Fowler. If you would like to nominate someone for this award please do so by submitting a written detailed justification as to why you think this person deserves this prestigious award. Please submit nominations to secretary, Ray Deluca, by October 11th. Note: past winners are not eligible.
Lowell Lawson Award – This award is based on the belief that there are many who wish to participate, but few are willing to take the leadership role to plan, implement and maintain the organization. This award was established to recognize those individuals who take the extra steps to ensure the organization flourishes. Award is limited to Board Members and Managers. If you would like to nominate someone for this prestigious award please do so by October 11th. Please send to Ray Deluca. Each nominee requires a written detailed justification. Note: past winners are not eligible.
• League MVP – It was proposed that the League Champion will continue to pick the MVP from their team. It was also proposed and approved that the entire team will vote for the winner. In case of a tie the league director will cast the tie breaker.
• Nominations for Board positions – All board positions will be open for next year. If you would like nominate someone, or run for a position yourself, please forward your intentions to Ray Deluca by October 11th.
• Rainouts – working on a contingency plan in case of additional rainouts. A couple of ideas will be sent to managers.
• Next meeting September 30th, time and place to be determined.
• Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.

No Games at Hobgood Park Next week due to CRPA Field Maintenance – Thurs Skip Wells Games will be played.

All Tuesday SEPT 10, 2019 Games Rained out have been rescheduled for THURS OCT 3, 2019 at Hobgood Park, Field Assignments remain the same. Any questions or unable to play, please contact your Manager/Coach ASAP.
Reminder – those August 27th games also Rained Out are to be played Tues Oct 29, 2019.

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AUG BOD Meeting 2019

Posted by Cherokee Senior Softball Association at Aug 28, 2019 7:32AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

August 6, 2019

The monthly meeting of the CSSA Board was held 8-06-2019, at Hobgood Park, and called to order by Norm Thiem at 6:25 PM;

Present members: Ray DeLuca, Norm Thiem, Dewey Hom, Don DiSalvo, Bob Hammond, Dick O’Conner, Robbie Crider, Randy Bergman, Mike Parson, Andy Tubbs, John Humeston & Darrell Moreland

Absent Members: Bob Werner.

A. Minutes from the 7-09-2019, meeting were discussed & the BOD approved the minutes.

B. Financial report was read & discussed. The report will be passed onto the BOD via e-mail to read over and respond with and accept, deny and/or change by 8-8-19

C. There are only 2 sponsors who have not paid for the 2019 season. We will contact these sponsors to receive remaining balance.

D. Summer league is showing to be a big success with a total of 5 teams, and the 5th team has been named the Red Sox.

E. Discussed wasted times during games & how to improve:
1. Evening games will start at 6:45 PM, due to traffic coming in from interstates;
2. Each league will decide to play 55 minutes and 1 more inning, or 65 minutes and no more at bats;
3. Using the 1 pitch rule or regular pitching in the open inning will be decided by each league;
4. Courtesy runners will be league specific, i.e. unlimited or only 1 designated runner from 1st base, or insert runners when player reaches 2nd base.
5. Mercy rule enforced at 15 runs after 5 innings, or 4 ½ if home team is ahead;

G. Players MUST pay league fees by the second game of the season, and have a current waiver form. Remember, no pay, no play.

H. Umpires WILL ENFORCE the code of conduct. Only the manager/coach can question a call and/or discuss issues with the umpire. Infractions will go under executive review, along with the player representative and league director if a player is thrown out of a game

I. Our 25th Anniversary will be delivered at the beginning of the fall season. The cost will be $10 each. A hat will be FREE GIFT to all those players that buy a banquet ticket (spouse ticket is not included in this offer), prior to the banquet date of November 14, 2019.

J. The Awards Banquet is scheduled to take place on Thursday, November 14, 2019. The banquet location will be Fendley Farmstead in Canton. The catering company will be Prestige Catering from Canton. Tickets for players are $25 each, and the spouse/guest is $15. Menu for banquet will be posted after next BOD meeting. No alcohol will be served at the banquet.

K. Reminder… GameDay, one of our CSSA sponsors, has set up a program that will give back to the CSSA, 20% of their proceeds, of gross sales, on Tuesday nights for all players that visit and purchase food & beverages. Players will just need to notify their server that they play for a team in the CSSA.

L. Uniforms and/or replacements need to be ordered ASAP. There is a 2 week turn around when placing orders.

M. We remind ALL players… If a bat has been altered in ANY way, then that player will be removed from the game and may face up to a 1 year suspension.

N. Next BOD meeting will be Monday, September 2, 2019, GameDay Grill, 6:30 PM.
Starting the last week of September, meetings will be conducted on the last Monday of each month.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:40 PM.

The purpose of the CSSA is to promote sportsmanship,
NOT gamesmanship.