2016-10-04T08:29:54.000-07:00October 04 2016, at 08:29 AM PDT, KYLE DOERKSEN said:

Is there a game schedule available for future games? Trying to plan & game info would help a lot.


PS: really appreciate your coaching style, effort & enthusiasm. Thanks for all the work you put into J and the team.

2016-09-28T13:50:43.000-07:00September 28 2016, at 01:50 PM PDT, KYLE DOERKSEN said:

Jaelynn's Dad, Kyle, here. Thought I heard you had videos posted we were to watch, but I can't seem to find any here pertaining to the Div4 - Power. I also can't 'join' your team on the TeamPages site as it says you don't take such requests, which may not matter, as long as we can watch the vids, etc.