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feedback about the weekend and other stuff

Posted by Division 4-Power at Nov 8, 2016 1:53AM PST

Hi Ladies,

Thank you to my good friend and former co coach Kent Mc who popped by the field today to share some fun with us at our practice. I hope you listened well to his feedback and comments. He knows a thing or two about field hockey!

Our game this past weekend.
Firstly, a valiant effort this past Sunday considering a good portion of our more experienced players were absent. I was impressed by our defenders who despite the strong competition, shone brightly, and impressed the umpires and opposition coaches with their skill and tenacity. Ultimately, the game was lost by needless turnovers and lack of tenacity to be first to the ball and convert shots on net. We will continue to work on our first to the ball strength and passing vision in games. This will be key for us in winning future games.

Game schedule for the next 3 weeks is available on, and is as follows:

  1. HOME GAME SATURDAY Nov 12th, 5:30pm (vs TC WIld), Moblio Field. Coquitlam. Warm up is at 4:45pm
  2. AWAY GAME SUNDAY NOV 20th, 3pm (vs Richmond Rebels), Hamber Field, Vancouver. Warm up at 2:15pm.
  3. +HOME GAME SATURDAY NOV 26th, 4pm (Vs Jokers), Mobilio Field, Coquitlam. Warm up at 3:15pm.

My team mate of many years, and good Friend Alex Davidson (nursing student) is collecting pairs of new socks to donate to homeless individuals in the DTES. I challenge each of you to bring 1pair, (or share the cost together) to buy or donate a pack of socks this weekend to bring to our game. Those who are able to donate get a pass from cardio for the coming week. WHHHHHHAAAAATTTTT! Yep, I said it!

See you all this weekend.
Mwah! Michelle

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Game 3pm at Eric Hamber Field SUNDAY

Posted by Division 4-Power at Nov 5, 2016 11:23AM PDT ( 1 Comment )

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that our game is at 3 pm at Eric Hamber Field this Sunday. Elaine and I have a game right beforehand in BBY but should be able to get to the field by 2:15-2:30pm.

The area around the field may still somewhat be under construction, and I believe that the parking area is still closed, however there is no news on the website so this is a guess. Parking may be on the streets surrounding the field and access is from the lower running track and and or from the school side behind the field.

There may not be much space to warm up so we will figure it out and may use the track area. Meet me at the field and we can go from there.

Remember TURF CLEATS or TRAiIL RUNNERS ONLY as it is a water based turf.

See you there,
Michelle, Elaine and Lisa.

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Halloween practice

Posted by Division 4-Power at Nov 1, 2016 10:20PM PDT

Hi players,

I’m going to take a minute here to have a small rant. I was extremely disappointed last night that so many of you were absent from practice, especially as we had talked about this as a team on several occasions prior to October 31st, and from what I understood most of you could make it. As volunteer coaches, we give up precious time with our families and friends, and do a lot of planning in the background to ensure that practices (and games for that matter) run smoothly. Unfortunately, only 7 out of 21 players made it to practice last night, and worse still only 2 of those absent communicated that they would be away. This means that 12 players simply did not turn up or communicate anything to coaches.

I am confident that you would all find it rather disrespectful if your coaches simply did not turn up to a practice or a game, or did not communicate with you that they were going to be away. Please be respectful of your coaches time, and time of your fellow players, and ensure that you provide notice, or a message if you are going to be absent.

Kind thanks.
Michelle, Elaine and Lisa.

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Guest coach this weekend

Posted by Division 4-Power at Oct 27, 2016 12:47AM PDT

Hi Everyone,

Game this weekend
As mentioned at practice, I have a game conflict this weekend with my Div 1 team, and have asked my good friend and former coaching partner Kent McKinnon to coach you this weekend. Kent is currently the co coach of our TC Champions division team, so I hope that you will listen well to what he has to say, and help him with where you are most comfortable playing. Let’s get the “w” this week girls!!!

Ashley, is it possible that you can swing by my home on Friday night, or Saturday morning and pick up the coaching bag, game card and other equipment. My address is 3159 Gambier Ave in Coquitlam. I have a game in the morning, so can leave on my front patio for you. Please text me to confirm.

Heidi is the team captain for the game.

Good luck girls. Play hard and smart and get the Win.


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some updates

Posted by Division 4-Power at Oct 16, 2016 11:48PM PDT

Hey everyone,

Great game this past weekend!. Many thanks for your trust as we moved players around, and tried new positions. We saw some phenomenal improvement, great ball movement, and concrete evidence that you are paying attention at practices and on the sidelines. You deserved the win. Nice work everyone.

Please note the game update NOV 12th. Start time is 5:30pm and not 5pm as listed. Time has been updated by the league.

I will be asking for team consensus for our practice for this night. We will chat about this tomorrow night. the club and the city has asked for confirmation by Monday evening. Thanks so much.*

See you Monday.

Michelle, Elaine and Lisa.